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21 February 2015 @ 07:36 pm
Hey, menstrual cuppers! It's a new year (sorta) and we've got new members! It's really nice to see the community acting as a fresh resource for new and existing cup users.

If I could just ask everyone to take a look at the rules, that would be excellent. That includes new and old members. I've been observing some slippage on related topics and gender-neutral language on the part of both new and old members. The main thing is to keep this a civil and welcoming place for all cup users, so thanks for helping with that!
17 March 2018 @ 01:13 am
Hi everyone! I've been using the DivaCup for about 3 years now and am starting to look into getting a new cup.
The DivaCup has worked OK for the past few years. It hasn't been perfect but it has made my periods so much easier.

1) I had to cut off the stem and file it down as much as possible because it kept poking me. I've never been able to find my cervix- but I'm assuming it is low? Is it possible to have a high cervix with the cup so low?

2) Sometimes (not every cycle), the cup will slide down when I'm walking and I will feel the bottom.
3) On lighter days, leaking is not a problem. On my heaviest days, sometimes I leak before the cup is full.
4) I tried flipping the cup inside out but it felt more uncomfortable.

I'm in my 20s, never had children/ am a virgin, and I'm from Canada.

Based on this, any recommendations? There are so many cup options now that I feel lost! I'm thinking I need a shorter cup, but I'm not sure about shape.
Thank you!
26 November 2017 @ 10:26 pm
Interesting revelation about the “blasted” diva cup and I see many new posts about the same concerns about getting it out so maybe this will help. I started off with the diva given it is the only one you can find in stores and discovered I have a freakishly long vagina. I had such issues getting it out! Thanks to this forum I discovered cups with much longer stems. I was using the yukki and the moon for about a year or two. Then I was curious and decided to try the diva again. So interestingly enough, the year or two of practice with the longer stems prepared me for the diva! After all that time I finally learned how to really use my vaginal muscles and now have very little trouble getting out the diva! I just reach up, work my muscles and the diva comes right down. Learning how to use my muscles has benefited other aspects of my life too ;)
08 May 2017 @ 05:30 pm
Hey folks -

New to LJ; new to this community, but have nosed around for info (however, LJ "Advanced Search" seems to yield only "Error 503" messages)... I'll try to be brief (OK, so I'm not good at being brief)...

My basic lowdown:
41-y-o, nulliparous, average (but, based on definition here, also dangly?) cervix, typically strong/heavy/crampy flow, very physically active.
I first started using a Diva Cup about 10 years ago, and (after a learning curve similar to many described here) got really comfy with it.
After going off the Pill a couple years ago, my periods got WAY heavier (which they'd been before) and crampier (which they hadn't). Also, last year, I had an ectopic pregnancy, and have noticed my cervix and maybe my whole uterine region being a lot more sensitive since then. So it's been a while since I've used a cup (have been on pads since last year, because inserting anything has been a lot trickier; even sex = much more challenging due to sensitivity/tenderness of cervical area). But when I realized that a camping trip would coincide with AF, I thought it would be a good time to get back into cup usage.

A friend shared this quiz, which blew my mind because I had NO IDEA so many new kinds of cups have come out in the past 10 years (this was before I found this community), and based on the quiz, I bought a Super Jennie.
Holy crap. That thing is soft. I mean, that was kind of the point, as I was nervous about the Diva poking and being generally uncomfy, but it is pretty different from the Diva in several ways.
A. Day 1 (not the heaviest flow day) the stem hung out a decent amount after inserting, but after 6 or 8 hours, it was actually kind of a challenge to reach the stem, and I was like "Glad I didn't trim that stem after all!" I guess the seal/suction kind of scooted it up over the course of the day?
B. Day 2 (definitely heaviest flow day) it was overflowing after maybe 4 or 5 hours. After reading around here, this is only one thing that suggests I have a "dangly" cervix - it takes up some cup room. Also, I can actually get the cup all the way around the cervix and feel the cervix inside the rim (I had no idea it wasn't necessarily like this for everyone, and this was actually how I'd always make sure I'd inserted a cup correctly).
C. On maybe all days, but definitely at its worst on days 2 through 4, I could not get the cup to open properly. It was just too soft! I struggled a lot, and I'll defo try some suggestions I've seen here as well as on YouTube, on my next cycle, but it took a long time and was very painful to get it to open.
D. On all days, it was very painful to remove. On day 4, it took so long (and involved so much yelling, swearing, and crying) that I just went back to pads at that point (I was home from camping by then). It just felt like everything I knew from the Diva did not apply here. It was so squashy it felt impossible to break the seal!
E. On the plus side, it was not uncomfy at all to wear.

Would love any and all advice. Some things I'm wondering:
1. Firmness as related to insertion/removal - thoughts? I shied from a very firm cup because of nervousness about pressure on surrounding area, but felt like I paid the price in terms of getting it in/out. Also, firmness at rim vs firmness of lower cup (where you can grip to break seal/remove) - thoughts?
2. Shape of cup ("V" vs bell vs round) - thoughts? I've heard non-V-shaped can be good for capacity and/or for a dangly cervix, but nervous about bulbous shape being a challenge in other ways (like how it feels).
3. Cup capacity and
4. Comfort while wearing are also still concerns.

I've been considering trying a Ruby and or a "soft" Yuuki (in larger sizes for both), based on the above - any other rec's? The Merula is both intriguing and intimidating.

If there are already existing threads that address these issues, please point the way! I didn't see any existing tags re: cup firmness or shape, and like I said, the LJ Advanced Search didn't seem to work for me. Many thanks to this community for even existing!! I'm glad I found y'all.
These are the highest capacity cups. Note: unless you have an extremely heavy flow, there are many other cups to choose from. Most cups have a higher capacity than pads and tampons.

The dimensions are body length x max diameter. The capacity column is to the holes only.
See also: the charts by kuradi and Obsidian; understanding the cervix, getting a soft cup to open, FAQ.
Additional notes below the table.

CupDimensions, total lengthStem Shape CapacityNotes
Meluna XL Shorty44x47, up to 59 mmTab, ball or ring. Only the tab can be trimmed/removedU16 mlA vast majority of cuppers can use a longer/higher capacity cup. Three kinds of stiffness
FemmyCycle Regular43x48, 50 mm20 mm ringU30 ml
(no holes)
A unique design that prevents the cervix from sitting in the cup.
FemmyCycle Low Cervix43x48, 63 mm7 mm ringU30 ml
(no holes)
Has a smaller ring stem but otherwise identical dimensions. Might not be the best choice for a really low/dangly cervix
Juju Large50x46, 69 mm19 mm tab, trimmableV26 ml 
Fleurcup Large52x46, 70 mm18 mm tab, trimmableU29 mlDoesn't get shorter inside out. Anecdotally less likely to overflow when full to the holes. The grip rings are dashed but can be filed down
Super Jennie Large52x47, 68 mm16 mm tab with a ball, hard to trimU37 mlVery soft
Meluna XL56x47, up to 71 mmSeveral kinds, including basic (no stem). Only the regular stem can be trimmed/cut offU30 mlThree kinds of stiffness
Yuuki Large56x46, 74 mm18 mm hollow tube, trimmableV28 mlThree kinds of stiffness
Luv Ur Body (LUB) Large57x48, 82 mm20 mm tab, trimmableU39 mlShorter than the medium size (see below). This brand is known for its flower patterns and unusual stem
Luv Ur Body Medium62x45, 77 mm20 mm tab, trimmableU38.5 mlLongest cup on the market

Some of these cups are very similar, but the specific capacity you can achieve depends on your anatomy. It's essentially about finding your limits. It's possible that your best option is to flip one of these cups inside out to shorten it.

U-shape refers to cups with a very rounded bottom. V refers to the more pointy cups, but the difference is very subtle. Elsewhere you may see references to the V-shape that imply the nearly obsolete narrow-bodied shape (Mooncup UK, Keeper, Femmecup).
The U-shaped cups have more of their capacity in the bottom, which is great for a dangly cervix. However, if a cup sits really low it might be uncomfortable (the opposite is also possible).

If you have a very low/dangly cervix, you might need to get a high capacity cup even if your flow is not too heavy (your cervix will reduce the capacity).

The Femmycycle is unusually shaped (the rim diameter is 36 mm). It's generally not recommended to get it as your first cup. Some need to drill holes in the cup to be able to use it (proceed with caution).

Honourable mentions:
-Merula (similar to the Femmycycle, also not the best first cup)
-Lunette 2 - same dimensions as the Fleurcup, stiff, pointy
-SckoonCup, LenaCup - similar to the Fleurcup but slightly shorter
-Gaia Cup Large - similar to the Yuuki and Meluna XL
16 March 2017 @ 12:06 pm
Hey folks! I'm a member from absolute ages ago. I think last time I was here I was asking for Sckoon opinions when it first came out! I still browsed through occasionally, but between immigrating recently and everything else, not much time for forum-ing.

Anyway, I'd been looking for a new cup for a while and of course, stopped by here and looked to see if anyone had posted experiences when I saw the Merula go up on the Feminine Wear website. I didn't see anything, and still don't, so I thought I'd post my thoughts.

For a bit of background, I'm 27, nullipara, with a very heavy flow, but also a very low cervix on my heavy days. So, there's a bit of a conflict there obviously. While I have always found cups to be better than any of the alternatives, I have also had frequent problems with urethra pressure and, with larger cups, a worsening of my cramps. It's always been a balancing act between capacity and size/length for me.

I got the Merula because it was a short cup with a very high capacity (!!!) and I was hoping it would solve that conflict for me! It also has pretty nice silicone. But when I got it, I was a little worried that it was so firm and had no air holes.

My first experience was more or less a disaster. I tossed aside the instructions ("I've been using cups for over a decade, I don't need no instructions!"). I used the 7-fold that I always used, and inserted it the way I always do, with the fold facing towards the front of my body.

It was pretty darn uncomfortable. I could feel ever bit of that bulk and stiffness. It stayed half-collapsed and I kept messing with it. Incredibly, despite how short it is, my cervix managed to sneak past it anyway, and it leaked instantly.

At that point my vagina was pretty sensitized, and I decided enough was enough and put it away for that cycle.

Next cycle, I decided to actually read the instructions and think about it a bit more.

The instructions tell you to use the punch-down fold, which I did. I also decided to insert it with the fold facing my back, so that when it popped open, the rim would be aimed slightly down and hopefully under my cervix.

Bam. I got the easy, 5-second insertion that I get with traditional bell-shaped cups. It still doesn't open 100%, but it's not supposed to (reading the instructions for the win!). It did open much more though. It's also very comfortable. Strangely, despite how stiff it is, I still don't feel any pressure on my urethra.

...And it didn't leak at all.

I wore it for 12 straight hours on the first day of my period. I can count on one hand the number of times I've been able to do that with a cup in my entire life. Normally I can't go more than 5 (and with any other menstrual product, I've never been able to go more than 2 hours). Normally, that's just more than even larger cups can handle, especially since my extremely sneaky cervix seems to eventually find a way to get past them, or otherwise reduces their capacity by sitting directly inside them. At this point in my life, I have basically resigned myself to the possibility that leaks on the first day or two of my period might just be inevitable no matter what product I use.

And, who knows. This is only the first cycle where I've gotten it working properly. Maybe I just got lucky. But the thing was only half-full when I took it out!

Oh, and that pull ring thingie. I LOVE IT. Normally I chop the tail off my cups completely, partly because low cervix, and partly because I find them useless. Either it just stretches and the cup doesn't budge, or it winds up sort of folding in on itself so I'd rather just have my hand on it ready to catch it so I don't make a mess.

The ring is THE BEST. I know there are a couple other cups with rings (I think MeLuna makes one, and also the FemmyCycle), but I've never used one before. I cut it down to just the last ring, and it's the perfect length, and it I can actually stick my finger through it and pull the cup down so it comes out cleanly. Holy crap. Science.

I think after 12 years of various degrees of "close enough," I have found my Goldilocks cup, you guys.

For newer or very young users, do keep in mind this is a pretty stiff cup. Also keep in mind this cup is relatively wide. The Merula only comes in one size, and is as wide as a large Si-Bell. While I think it is quite comfortable when inserted correctly, cups that are either quite soft or quite stiff tend to have slightly more of a learning curve, in my experience.

But if you are a low cervix/heavy flow person like myself who has struggled with finding the right compromise in a cup, I think this might be very appealing for you. Also, I GET THE RING THING NOW.

Anyway, there's my experience for whatever it's worth. Basically, no matter how much of a cup veteran you are, this is a different sort of cup than you're used to and will probably require a slightly different approach to make work properly. But once you do, it's pretty awesome!

Also, for size/shape comparison, here it is next to all the other cups I own. The Merula is definitely the odd duck in the bunch!

Also, some slight lens distortion is making the Si-Bell and the Merula look wider than they are. In reality, they are both the same width as the Fleurcup.

Well it seems I've lost my Lunette Model 2 and, since it wasn't working ideally for me anyway, I've decided to research what might work better.

I originally chose the Lunette about 7 years ago after my research here pointed to it being one of the best for a low cervix and heavy flow situation. It worked great for me until I had my daughter, when I sustained a birth injury that resulted in significant pelvic floor weakness, likely at least a subtle prolapse of pelvic organs, and sensitivity and pain at the posterior vaginal introitus (especially during menstruation). Now my cervix seems to sit even lower than it did before and my pelvic floor muscles are weak, leading to a few problems to which I am hoping to find a solution:

1. Occasionally the Lunette seems to suction to my cervix, causing intense pain. It doesn't happen often (usually about once or twice per menstrual cycle) but, when it does, it is so painful I can't focus on anything else but get-that-thing-out-of-me! Sometimes the suction pain is only evident upon removal (i.e. it is incredibly painful to remove because it seems suctioned to my cervix) and sometimes it is spontaneous.

2. I don't know if there is a help to this (maybe the firmness of the cup makes a difference?) but, while wearing the cup, I sometimes experience pain when I get gassy rumbles or need to have a bowel movement. It is significant enough that I sometimes have to do lamaze-type breathing to manage through the sensations. I do get similar pains at times when having a bowel movement without the cup in but it only happens with gas, or prior to actually passing stool, when the cup is in place.

3. Sometimes when I sit down with the cup in, I get a shooting pain that I suppose is the cup pressing on sensitive issues.

4. The cup doesn't stay in place well :-/ It gradually slips down to the vaginal introitus, sometimes to the point where the whole stem and part of the lower portion of the cup is protruding. Granted, this is mostly only when I'm using the toilet, but I do wonder sometimes if it might fall out and it is a bit annoying to have to reposition it almost every time I use the restroom. It happens moreso when I am having a bowel movement so, because of this and the pain, I do generally remove it now when having a BM.

5. I get occasional leakage that I didn't have prior to the injury. I think it might be because sometimes my cervix seems so low that the cup doesn't even get fully below it.

Are there any cups that will help with the above; most importantly, the suction and other pain issues? Very low cervix and relatively high flow (I usually have to empty a full Lunette Model 2 about 4-8 times a day on heavy days) are important considerations as well. I had to use tampons during my last cycle and I did not enjoy the dry sensation again, nor do I enjoy pads :(

Specifically, I would like to know how the air holes and the firmness, width and depth of the cup might affect my issues, as well as other thoughts you might have.

Thank you!
31 October 2016 @ 04:21 pm
So I've been using the large Super Jeannie and love it. It's the right capacity for me on my heavy days and long enough that I usually don't have problems removing it. But the stem is so flimsy that I accidentally tore off the ball of it. Now the stem is a tad too short for me to easily remove the cup. I can feel it but and the base of the cup but sometimes have a hard time getting a good grip.

I'm wanting a cup about the same size but has a better stem. I know there are seize charts but thought I would ask you if you have any recommendations?
23 September 2016 @ 01:57 pm
I went to buy another fleurcup (small) and noticed they no longer have all the different colours! While this is not as important as the fit, I wasn't so keen on having a plain cup where any staining could be much more obvious. Does anyone know where I can get a similar cup that does come in a few different colours? Here's what I like about the fleurcup, in case it helps:

- Site has worldwide delivery (I live in a country where you can't just buy them in a store)
- Cup and stem quite soft and flexible (hated the Divacup because it was far too hard and stiff)
- Lots of grip on stem and base of cup
- Small size cup and stem just the right length. I did not need to cut any of the stem off
- Stem is long. Considering the entire cup and stem fits inside me, I would NOT be keen on having a tinier stem because it would make it more difficult to remove

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!
Hiiii, I'm new, 16 years old, and I've been looking at cups since I was 12! Unfortunately my mom doesn't like them and I know my older sister well enough to know she's to squeamish to want to know about them, so i'm more or less left to fend for myself in this category. Basically, I already have a Femmecup, but I tried using it once and it popped open when it was halfway in (that was a HORRIBLE experience that made me too paranoid to try cups again for about 2 or so years.) I've since decided that the Femmecup probably wouldn't be for me anyway, and I might sell it or trade it on mc sales someday soon because I'm not using it. Basically, I've been looking for a cup that's kinda long and firm, but not too firm, and I really liked the Lunette, the Diva, and the Yuuki. I bought a Diva and won a Lunette, and I'm going to try them both soon, probably on my next period, now that I'm getting sick of pads again and I'm easing out of my paranoia from the Femmecup incident. (Not to mention I'm taking regents on the days I expect TOM to visit, and I don't want to be distracted in the slightest by the gross, stinging feeling of a pad.)

I also want to get try a Yuuki though. I heard they're among the firmer cups, which is something that appealed to me because I run track at school, and it'd be easier for them to stay open. At the same time, I'm worried it might be too firm? That's why I was looking at the soft Yuuki. Does anyone have some experience with both the Yuuki Soft and the Yuuki Classic? I know it sounds ridiculous, buying 3 cups before trying them, but tbh I just want to get cup spending out of the way because I'm saving up for a ton of other expensive stuff.

Thanks for reading, and sorry for all that exposition >_
13 March 2016 @ 09:46 pm
My name is Celina and I’m a big fan of this forum and the supportive online community you’ve fostered. I work for PATH a global health nonprofit based in Seattle, Washington that is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of women and children around the world.

Research suggests that without access to affordable, reliable menstrual care products, girls and women in developing countries may resort to using unhygienic alternatives like feathers, soil, strips of mattress, or old rags to absorb menstrual blood. We feel strongly that increasing menstrual hygiene options for girls and women has implications for their health, education and gender equity. PATH is interested in improving upon existing models of menstrual cups, to design an affordable product that would be appropriate for girls and women in developing countries. We've created 3 short surveys to better understand users preferences and experiences with different menstrual cups and would greatly appreciate your feedback.

- If you currently, or have ever used a reusable menstrual cup, you can take our 10 minute survey HERE.
- If you currently, or have ever use a disposable menstrual cup (Instead Softcup), we'd love your feedback HERE.
- If you currently, or have ever used a diaphragm off label as a menstrual cup, we'd love to hear from you HERE.

The more feedback we receive, the better we will understand women's needs and preferences. Thank you for your support, and please let me know if you have any questions!


Hi All, I thought I'd make a post about something I've known for a few years that has been seriously bugging me:

The Sckoon website says that the small SckoonCup is 40mm (4cm) in length.
But it isn't!
The small SckoonCup is actually 47mm in length!

More + measurement picturesCollapse )

22 March 2016 @ 02:55 pm

I'm extremely new to the whole idea of menstrual cups, let alone owning one.  I had never even heard of them until 4 days ago. My sister is also interested in having one, so I'm doing the information gathering for us both.

Trying to figure out which brand would be best, wondering if anyone has had any experience with the "Blossom" brand?  I've read both good & negative reviews on it, but I don't see any tags for that brand here.  Also wondering how it compares to the "Lunette", the "MeLuna" & the "Lena".  I've tried to read as many of the posts on these 3 brands as you all have here, but I am beginning to feel like I am in over my head.

I am 27, 2 kids vaginally birthed over 9lbs, relatively non-fit at 5'7" & 265lbs.  I am sensitive/suseptable to rashes, irritation, UTI's & vaginal spasms as well as having a significant latex allergy.  Sister is 19, virgin, super tall and thin at 6'0" 200lbs, no known allergies.  Both of us have very heavy flows... should really take out stock in feminine products lol

I am really not sure that you would need to know that stuff... but then again I'm really not sure what information I should share so that someone can give me an idea of what brand etc. to look deeper into...

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18 February 2016 @ 11:03 pm
Hello everyone!

I'm very tempted to get a new cup soon, and would like to go with something softer than what I currently have (A Diva and a Lunette). My current cups work pretty well for me, but I'm really curious about trying something softer to see how I like it. I've been interested in the Si-Bell for a while, but my only reservation is that the stem seems kind of stretchy and I wonder how it is for removal. Meanwhile, the Cuplee is a little tempting because of the colors (I'm a sucker for pretty colors. It's how I ended up with my Lunette).

I have a somewhat high cervix, but I haven't had any trouble using the Lunette, so I figure a cup similar in length will be okay (though it would help to have a decent stem and to be able to pull the cup down a little bit before removing).

Thoughts? Would you recommend one over the other?
21 January 2016 @ 12:04 pm
Help! Need suggestions on which cup I should try next.

I have a strong pelvic floor, medium-high cervix, regular flow, no kids. I tried the Lily Cup but it leaked so I tried the MeLuna but it leaked even more! Leaking was not due to cup being too full. Both were comfortable and no problems removing. I thought about femmycycle but I'm too scared of the very strong suction.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
Hello everyone, I figured I should finally join the forum and figure out this menstrual cup thing...
I bought the DivaCup sometime last spring in the hopes that it'd be more comfortable and thrifty compared to pads, and under the impression it fit most women, buuuuuuuut I've only managed to get it in once and it was very uncomfortable! The stem (trimmed) was very pokey and irritating internally, even though everything seemed in the right place. I've tried multiple times, on cycle or not, to get that sucker up there again, but it's a no go...I can't seem to find a way to fold it, a position to get into, or relax enough for it to even go farther in than the rim. Even with lube! This isn't exceptionally unusual since I have difficulty with sex too...(mind you, I'm familiar with my insides and can locate my cervix and whatnot).

I'm curious if a softer/more flexible cup would be better? I'm told that the DivaCup is actually one of the larger and firmer cups, which doesn't seem like it sits well with my anatomy or nervous disposition. Maybe someone can recommend a cup that'd be better suited? I thought the Lunette cup might be better, it sounds softer and the stem was supposedly less pokey...but they're expensive and I want to find the best potential option first. Any advice, anyone?
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16 December 2015 @ 12:58 pm
Anybody know of a cup resistance chart that lists the Ladycup's rim instead of its body? The only one I can find has the Ladycup at a 2 (for the soft body) but the rim is definitely firmer than that.

Also, does anyone know if the large Ladycup is firmer or softer than the small, or is it about the same? I just received my economic-firmness small Yuuki and it's loads softer than my Lady, I'm worried I'll crush it because it's only slightly firmer than my Lunette 1. The Ladycup's rim resistance is perfect for me and I want a higher-capacity cup with that resistance because the Ladycup's capacity makes it just barely unsuitable for overnight use.
12 December 2015 @ 04:07 pm
When I was looking for a new cup I had a hard time finding pictures and information about the Natu. I bought a Si-bell and after figuring out how to use such a soft cup, it was very comfortable. I didn't love the stem, sometimes it really irritated me, and the rounded base made the cup sit higher and was harder to grab. I 'lent' it to me sister (who's 7+ y/o Diva had just died/worn out, like mine!) but didn't expect to get it back.

I had heard of the Natu, which seemed like a Si-bell rebranded, but in my searching I also saw a picture of a slightly different cup. It had some subdued rings at the base which was also a little more pointed in shape, and had a stem with rounded balls for grip, not the harsh rings I had found so uncomfortable. This could be a perfect cup! A slightly better shape for me, and a smoother but still grip-able stem. So, here it is:
PICS!Collapse )

Overall, the Natu is my favorite cup for comfort. It's soft enough for my first crampy/sensitive day and it doesn't put pressure on my bladder like other cups. It's unique design features that make it slightly different than a Si-bell make it just perfect for me.

So I keep running into (or Facebook keeps suggesting I check out) this kickstarter for a "smart" menstrual cup. My initial reaction was "Awesome!" but after reading up on it, it's not great. What's worse is there is only a little conversation about it (that I found), most of which is from non-cup users with typical first reactions to the idea of a cup. (i.e. "Ew.") So I figured I'd get a conversation started here. First, here's the link to the video (I hope it doesn't just show up, I'm still figuring out how LJ works): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rx2r5fhdoJ8. There's a link in the description with more info.
Now for my thoughts:
1. Lol my vagaina would have bluetooth
2. My vagina doesn't need bluetooth! Is that even safe? And a battery up there?  I pretty sure that's a good way to die.
3. One size does not fit all and this cups would be WAY too long for me.
4. $40 for six months of use?!?!  I started using cups for cost efficiency, $80 a year is close to what I spent on disposables.
5. Everyone loves the "green factor" of cups.  Doesn't this ruin that?
6. Okay, I can see how if your gyno needed more info, and very specific info this might be good for a six-month study.  It would also be potentially usefull for scientific studies invovling menstruation, but not for everyday use.

What are your thoughts?

03 September 2015 @ 03:32 pm
hi everyone! i'm new to menstrual cups and have been wanting to try one for a while.
i'm 17, never had sex (and never given birth) with a cervix kind of low?? medium?? (i can reach it on my period with 2 1/2 knuckles on my middle finger) and leaning to my right. i'm a competitive swimmer and i'm kind of worried about the water getting caught up in the cup while i swim. i've used tampons for about 4 years now (or since i got my period) with pretty much no complaints (though i do notice that the tampon has absorbed pool water by the time i'm out of the water).
reading other people's posts on here, i was about to get the yuuki economic small, but it looks like it's hard to get in the us? i was going to try to get something through amazon (gotta get that free shipping minimum haha i was going to order a book as well) but i'm not quite sure anymore. other cups i was looking at based on size include the meluna m, lunette s and the femcup (though that doesn't look too popular).
can anyone help me out? thanks! :)
31 July 2015 @ 10:33 am
Hi everyone,

I just posted about being frustrated and confused about all the different cups out there. I discovered this website which has a really cool feature - if you scroll down, you will find "cup comparison tools," and two scrollable pictures side by side, so you can compare two cup sizes. For example, I have a Diva cup and am not very happy with it, so I kept one picture on "Diva Cup 1" and used the other picture to scroll through and see other cups as they would compare to the Diva cup 1. Very cool. This has put my mind so much more at ease. If you would like more of a visual comparison to go along with the charts out there that just show numbers, this might really help you.


OMG y'all...My head is spinning. I've been looking at the tags on here for almost 2 hours, and have been doing research on cups, and I still can't make heads or tails of it.

I have a Diva Cup. I've been using it since about February. In between, it's ok, but mostly, it's not. It won't pop open, or it starts to open as I'm putting it in and then it leaks. I can feel it moving around inside, and when I wipe after peeing, I can feel it popping in a weird way. It's just not working for me, but I'm not ready to give up cups. I just need to find the one that works. However, I don't have the money to keep buying cups over and over. So I'm hoping I can find something without having to buy another one in a month.

About me:

-I've discovered I have a very low cervix when on my period - I think this is why the Diva Cup isn't working right. I don't think it's sitting around my cervix the way it's supposed to. I even turned it inside out.
- I'm 30, no vaginal births, not a virgin BUT I haven't had sex in like 2 years.
- I lost a lot of weight between February and now and have to wonder if that's making a difference
- I have a medium-heavy flow, sometimes large clots
- I'm active. I walk a LOT for work, and I horseback ride and do yoga weekly. I think my pelvic floor muscles are pretty strong.

I'm considering a Meluna. I love that they have so many size options, and I have to say I love that they're German (because I am too!). But which one? I've read the small or the shorty can be too small if you have such a low cervix as mine. But I don't want something too long either. Or too soft - I want it to open easily inside.

I'm sure this has been asked 8 million times but I couldn't find any posts that lay out the physical characteristics like that, or if they have, they don't match my situation, so it'd be awesome to hear back.

Thanks so so much! I want this To work!
I've been thinking about trying an Organicup, hoping it could be just right, but I'm having trouble finding side by side comparison photos with cups I have or even people talking about how it compares to other cups.
I currently only have a Sckoon cup and Lunette, both small, as my Si-bell is on 'loan' to my sis, and my old Diva cup died after 7 years.
Does anyone have or use an Organicup who could offer more insight to it's characteristics, or would even be willing to snap and post some line ups?
Thanks so much.
Hey all! I currently have a Classic MeLuna (M) that I've been using for 5 cycles now. It works great when my flow is lighter, but I cannot get it to stop leaking on my heavy days. I'm fairly confident in saying that my cervix causes the heavy day leaks by taking up too much room in my cup. And I say that because over the months I've tried about all the troubleshooting I could: made sure it's angled right, made sure it's completely open, made sure it isn't overflowing, tried positioning it lower (then higher), tried different folds, etc.

So, I want to take the plunge and get a larger cup to solve the cervix-fluid-displacement problem and I also want to try a brand that is firmer than the MeLuna.

I'm thinking maybe the Lunette Model 2. Does anyone have a better suggestion? I've done a lot of research, but at this point, all of the brands are blending together and I'm just getting frustrated.
31 May 2015 @ 09:13 pm
Hello everyone,
I have been thinking of buying a menstrual cup for the first time and was hoping you could all help me out with choosing a cup. I had heard about them years ago and was interested but never ended up getting one, but lately I've been seriously reconsidering it.
I am in my 20s and not sexually active. My periods are quite moderate- on my heaviest day I might go through a regular tampon in about 2-3 hours- I usually use pads though. I am having difficulty finding my cervix so I don't know if it is high or low. I used to assume that I had a low cervix because it seemed that I often had trouble inserting my tampons high enough and they often felt like they were going to come out on some days but I don't think I feel anything that could be my cervix. My fingers are quite short though- my middle finger is about 8 cm- but I could just be missing it? Does it sound like I probably have a high cervix?
Also, I live in Canada, so I'd prefer a cup I could get easily to ship here without massive shipping costs. I know there are Divacups in my local grocery and drugstores but I also wouldn't mind ordering something online if it can get here easily.