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31 August 2017 @ 07:04 pm
I found them! They were originally $39.99, but they are going to be on sale for $10 off at $29.99! One is for before having children, and one is for after having children!

I would also recommend bandages and makeup at the same time, so that you are not only loyal to Diva Cup as your friend, community member, and Top 999 LiveJournaler/Friday Fiver.

I believe I've already had a veggie burger at Burger King before. Do you want to go on or be mine?
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28 August 2017 @ 09:20 am
Okay. I have followed these forums for years, but never posted anything. I tried a menstrual cup for the first time when I was 13 or 14 (Diva Cup) and I couldn't get it out, so I was scared, and didn't come back to it for a while.

I'm almost 18 now, and I can get them out easily. I'm comfortable with the cups, and LOVE the idea of them, except, they NEVER work for me. I must be doing something wrong but I don't know what. I've been working with it for probably 5 or so cycles.

For starters, I'm 17, a virgin, and I use a Lily Cup, size A. I think I have a bit of a tilted cervix, as it is usually towards the left. Sometimes, it doesn't leak, and sometimes it does. Sometimes, I can have it in for a while, it be fine, then I move a certain way and it leaks, but when I go to take it out, it is still 'sealed' or 'suctioned' (when I tug, it doesn't come out). Sometimes I'll think it's leaking because it is too full, but I find that it's hardly filled. Last night (first night on my cycle, very heavy) it lasted the whole night. I was paranoid about it, so I got up several times to make sure it wasn't leaking. All good. But I got up this morning, and after I stood up, it was like there was no cup, and blood leaked all over my underwear. When I went to remove the cup, it was still sealed and didn't feel like it had moved or anything.

The only thing I can think of that may be causing it, is the softness of the Lily Cup. I love the feel of it (compared to my old Diva), but it doesn't feel open when it's in. The rim is suctioned, but I've never had it open to full size inside of me, I don't think. It sort of takes on the size and shape of the vagina, and is a little bumpy and squished in there, if you run your finger around it, but not folded.

PLEASE help me! I'm determined to get this thing to work and LOVE it, but I'm getting discouraged.

Thanks in advance.
26 August 2017 @ 07:32 pm
I've started using the Lunette 1 today and I've noticed I have to change it sooner than the recommended 8 hours (need to empty at about 6). I am considering buying a larger cup, since I'm a bit afraid to bleed very heavy through the night and stain the sheets and I don't want to worry about that every month. When I use tampons the Tampax Super+ is enough for my heaviest night. Should I switch to a bigger cup? If so, recommendations? Lunette 2? Or maybe an Organicup (that one has caught my attention as well)? Model A or B?

Thanks! ;)
24 August 2017 @ 08:16 pm
Hi everyone!
I've just found out I have candida overgrowth. I probably have had it for some time, just haven't realised what it was. When trying to get rid of it, how should I clean my cup after every cycle, to prevent it from perhaps re-infecting me again? Until now, I have always washed it inbetween changes with water, and then at the end washed it with soap and boiled it for 5-10 min. When I started again, I washed it with soap and water before inserting it. I heard that when it comes to fungus, boiling it does not kill it, so should I use vinegar or something?

Thank you for your help in advance!
Have a great day!!
Hi, I have several questions regarding 3 cups, 1 of them im currently using
I have a high cervix, i cannot touch my cervix during period with my longest finger, sexually inactive

Lily cup compact
I just got a lily cup compact for a cycle which is great for insertion (punch down with lub), no discomfort, everything is great except that it is so difficult to remove
i put in very close to my opening but it rides up very soon, i can just touch the stem when i insert 1 knuckle of finger in and when i bear down hard and reach very high, i can only reach 2/3 of the cup
the lily cup compact is soft on body, hard on rim, it doesnt break seal no matter how hard i press the body, cannot rotate at all, it seals so hard that once it took me >3 hours to remove. I have a very difficult time reaching the rim (took 3 hrs which i tried diff positions, pooped, sexual arousal etc).
The only 3 times when i successfully removed, were using abnormal methods--i hooked the body of the cup and drag down, sometimes it comes horizontally out
anybody encounter this problem with lily cup compact? do enlarging holes help?

i think maybe lily cup compact is too short for me plus too strong seal, I'm thinking of maybe buying another one (prefer soft).
i heard that si-bell has nice soft silicone as lily cup which i really like, however, it doesnt look very long so i might not be able to reach top half of the cup (same as lily cup compact)
Do si-bell has strong seal? do the seal break with pinching the bottom of cup?

lily cup original
the length of lily cup original look good to me, however, same worry that i couldnt reach top half of the cup and lily doesnt have holes.
Do lily cup have strong seal? can the seal break by pinching the bottom?

Thanks a lot!!
so i finally ordered a si bell large which is great! It is very soft and pops open easily and doesnt have super strong seal. The length of body and stem is perfect and i dun have to find my cup
For insertion, i use punch down fold facing down, when the widest point pass through my opening, i push it in with my thumb, so the cup slides in at the same time pops open
For removal, i figured out my own way doing it. The traditional way of pinching bottom with 2 fingers and wiggling doesnt work for me because i could reach 2 fingers high enough to hold on, i slip abd my opening isnt wide enough for a 3rd finger or for 2 fingers to reach higher.
Instead, my method is to hold the tip of stem which is just outside of opening with left hand. Right hand middle finger slides up and press on the cup, hook on it, pull it down. At this time, the base of cup is just outside my opening, i fold it in c fold and take out
In all, for a high cervix, si bell is perfect, stem and body are long enough
Sibell large is not toooo large for its volume
17 August 2017 @ 10:56 pm
Im looking to start using cups but im unsure as to which brand and size to buy and would greatly appreciate some help.i am a virgin and i havent used tampons before either if that makes any difference. I have measured my cervix and it is high (infact i cant feel it at all). When i was measuring it i measured it when i was on my period and when i wasn't i couldnt feel it both times. But i did notice that when i was on my period i could feel the sides against my finger where as when i wasnt i felt there was more room up there so to speak. Is this normal?
I made a rush purchase about a year ago with out measuring or doing much research and bought a diva cup in size 1 i spend ages trying to insert it but found i couldnt as it kinda stung to get it past the inital opening of the vigana (is this normal also?). I also found when measuring my cervix that this was more sensitive on my period and it didn't sting as much when i wasnt. When i buy my next cup im planning to get some lube to help make insertion easier.
Any ideas as to what would be best for me?
11 August 2017 @ 09:06 pm
hi all,
Im 34, and have never had kids. I've been a diva cup user (size 1) for 4 years or so, and while it works well when it works, I often find myself having issues with it. I think the issue is that I have been pushing it past my cervix (or beside it?). So I tried inserting it under my cervix but I find I can feel it and it feels too long, even with the stem cut. So I went online and did some research and ordered a meluna large, and then after second guessing myself, I have also ordered a meluna shorty large. So now I'm feeling dumb for ordering both, but I feel like my cervix is lower on my first few days which is when i have the most trouble. Do any of you use different cups for different stages of your cycle? Also, what if my cervix feels low when Im sitting down but feels higher when i stand up? I have so many questions!!! Any tips or suggestions would be welcome! So far this cycle my diva has been working, and i think its because i have been paying attention to where my cervix is and i started using the punch down fold rather than the c fold. Sorry for the long post! Im just tired of getting frustrated with it and reverting to pads because I hate using them!
09 August 2017 @ 12:14 pm

Hello to all!

I am new to the site, and I thought I could share some of my experience using the menstrual cup.

First of all, I want to start off by saying that everyone is different, so my experience does not necessarily echo with anyone else's, and thus should not shy anyone away from trying the cups.

Background information: I have been a long-time user of pads (for about ten years since my first period), and very infrequently I use tampons (regular) to get more flexibility. I began looking into buying and using a mooncup last month. I browsed through this website and found it extremely helpful in guiding people how to appropriately pick and use mooncups (thanks to all!). However, my experience with my mooncup (Lunette 1) this morning kinda scared me away from future usages.

Last month at the end of my period, I for the first time inserted the menstrual cup and left it in during the day, the insertion and removal were painful, but I did not have any problems wearing the cup for 8 hours. So I decided to give it a full run this month.

Last night, I saw some light pink on my pants and I knew that my period was about to come, so I boiled my cup for 5 mins and inserted the cup, then I went to bed. This morning when I woke up (after 9 hours of wearing) everything was fine, there were some leaks but not severe. I took the cup out and rinsed it with cold water, and inserted it back. After my insertion, I pooped (sorry lol), and almost immediately as I stood up I felt extremely dizzy and temporarily blind for a couple of minutes. Besides, I got shaky and felt nausea and vomiting. I got very scared and instantly pulled out my cup (what a pain!). however, I managed to sit down and tried to drink some water.

I sometimes have hypoglycemia in the morning so I suspected it was the cause, but my symptoms were never as severe as this time, so I was thinking if this could potentially be TSS or similar syndromes (from insertion and leaving the cup in overnight), especially after reading this article of a confirmed case: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4556184/  I love the idea of menstrual cup and I want to put my two cents in in protecting the environment, but I don't know if moon cups are just not for me. Should I give it another try?

09 August 2017 @ 01:20 pm
Hi there! To preface this, I am 18 years old, and I am a 100% virgin, I've never had sex, and I've never masturbated. I have primarily been a pad user throughout my teen years, but I have used tampons in the past. I bought a cup because I just liked the sound of it? How there's no chemicals and it's non absorbent, that kind of stuff. My problem is, whenever I go to insert it, everything down there kinda closes up shop and gets tight, and it's borderline painful. I've researched kegels and have tried to relax my vaginal muscles but nothing's really helped. Do you have any tips?
03 August 2017 @ 12:21 am
Hello everyone,

It's been a long time. I used to have a Fleurcup L. It was great for five years but I always had trouble with leaks on heavier days. So I decide to give a shorter cup a shot, but also one that can handle a heavy flow. So I went with the Meluna regular M. I am trying to practice wearing the cup so that when my period starts again (been using Junel Fe for birth control) I will be used to wearing it.

The problem is I can't get it open. I have tried the C-fold, punch down fold, and double punch down folds and they all don't work. I've tried plunging the cup (that used to work with the Lunette and Fleurcup) and I've tried rotating it and using my index finger to help the cup open up once it's inside. Used a lot of lube to make it easier to slide in. Washed with warm water and rinsed with cold. All of these things that used to work do not work with this cup. I am frustrated and ready to give up but I want to give it one last shot. So to Meluna users, what do you all do?
02 August 2017 @ 03:40 pm

Hello Everyone, I'm not a new cup user by any means I own 5. Three of which are in constant location. This cycle kind of snuck up on me and I realized last month that I stupidly threw my cups somewhere where I couldn't see them and forgot them there. One for two months and the other for one. It wasn't anywhere gross just an old bowl on top of my dresser. I didn't remember they were in there until I came up to needing them soon for this month. So in my germaphobic ways since I had left them out for so long I wanted to clean them a bit more than just rinse and hope its clean which is my usual method.

The soap I used to wash them up is glycerin based. It's not anti bacteria or anything so I know I'm safe there but my worry is it has some sort of oil or lotion in it that would now be coating my cups since the soap is mildly scented. I rinsed REALLY well when I washed them... rinsed them twice actually. I'm not one to get infections but obviously I don't want to find out there is something on my cup by getting one. It's not a road I'd like to travel if I can avoid it.

Is there something I can do to make sure my cups are clean of any possible residue that could mess with me? One of them is my "go to" cup so I'm really hoping my lapse in thinking doesn't lead to me needing to chuck them in the trash. Also I realize I could of boiled them but I am one who has never boiled a cup and yet to have a problem and I also live with someone who would freak if they saw me boiling a cup. Thanks for your help and I'm sorry I rambled. :)

Has anyone had success in truly stopping/fixing menstrual cup leaks by strengthening their pelvic floor muscles?

I've used a cup for years but have never had one be truly leak-free.  I don't know if it's a pelvic floor muscle issue (I'm 30 and haven't given birth) and both small and large cups will have some leaks.  I have a heavy flow and a low cervix.  The cup obviously leaks if it's full, but later in my period when the menstrual fluid is thinner it will leak a little bit as well, before it's even close to full (and especially when I'm sitting at an angle or lying down).

i love the idea of cups, and I've used one exclusively for years, but it's just frustrating to never have one actually be leak-free.  I wouldn't trust it to swim with, for example.

Any input is appreciated. :)
I'm close to 12 hours with this cup in and I cannot for the life of me get it out. I'm still super new to menstrual cups but I thought I had removal down..I was wrong. I usually bear down 3 times and it's pretty much out but no matter how much I push it's not moving (btw it's a meluna cup with a ball). At one point I thought I broke the seal as I heard it and had some pink on my fingers but it seems to have resealed. So far I've tried squatting, standing, one leg up, lying down and even had a relaxing bath. I'm not tensing but I can't actually grab my cup where it naturally rests, so not being able to bear down on the cup is a huge problem. It's almost 1am and I've been at this since 9pm, will the cup lower over night if I just head to bed?

EDIT: It's officially 2am so I'm going to bed, Hopefully I can get it out in the morning.
26 July 2017 @ 02:26 pm
Hello all, this is my first time posting here. Sorry if this is repetitive but I haven't found anything for my specific case.

I'm 19, been using the diva cup size 1 since I was 14. No kids, and not a virgin. I have been using an arm implant for birth control but it's about to expire, and I was thinking of switching over to an IUD, but I'm really scared of pulling it out, and I am really happy with the diva cup and I don't want to switch to a different one. Is the diva cup okay with an IUD? Should I just continue with the side effects of my arm implant? Should I switch to a different cup, or a different product all together?
26 July 2017 @ 02:27 pm
Hello. I've been having a bit of trouble with my cup and before I buy a new one, I'd like to have a second opinion. I don't have the funds to make a bad purchase.

Small summary of my cup experience:
In November 2016 i bought a MeLuna cup. I got a Classic M size with a ball stem, which I later trimmed off completely. Back then it worked perfectly both on dry runs and during my 6day (3d heavy, 3d low flow) period. I always wear a panty liner for my own comfort, but every pantyliner stayed clean for the entire period. Even during my sports activities (pilates, aerobics and body toning). It would get full to the holes on heavy days after 6h, but even then no excessive leaking.

Since I cannot afford my period ever month due to school and outdoor activities, it was only around April next year I got my next period. Im on the pill and have been for years already (to sooth the bleeding and make me able to function during my period). During this time I noticed I had trouble popping open the cup and it would leak slightly. I am certain I inserted it well and it worked perfectly earlier in November 2016. The cup was OK as long as i didn't have my period (i like to start wearing the cup early to get used to inserting it again), but the moment my flow starts and my vaginal walls get to deal with more moisture, it will rather turn around inside than pop open. The same exepericen I have now, july, as i retry to use it. I do feel like it's become even more prone to leaking.

I do love my MeLuna cup, but I'm starting to think I might need a firmer (MeLuna Sport) cup? My current cup DOES get a vacuum (i have to "break" it to take out the cup) but it does not seal properly. I can also feel air escape as the cup half-fills. I do always check the small holes and i make sure it's completely open and there are no bumps left in the cup once it's inserted and that the rim is around my cervix. It would make sense if i need a Sport cup, as i go to the gym about 3 times a week, but i am not that strong/muscly nor do i really train a lot for it. For me sports is more of a healthy routine and I only attend for fun.

I am in doubt though, as I don't want to spend my saved money on a wrong cup. My MeLuna M Classic was the first cup i ever bought and used, and it changed my life. Im a bit sad to notice it wont seal as well anymore! It was the first time in ever i was able to function normally my entire week, without a single moment my period got in the way.

Can I be sure it's got to do with the firmness of the cup and not the (rim)size? Do you think a M Sport cup could help me out? Does it matter that I trimmed the ball off (now it got no grip at all, as it was the only uncomfortable bit of the cup) as it does have a bit more space to move at the bottom now?

To help out i have included a small bio of me:
22 years old, no births, heavy flow but defenitely not as heavy as it used to be without the pill 3 days and 3 days medium/low flow and my cervix is located at average height even during period. I insert the cup rather high, so my cervix does sit slightly in the cup, but this was no problem before.
20 July 2017 @ 01:07 am
I've been using a Diva Cup size 1 for quite some time. I have trimmed off the stem completely along with a tiny bit of the base (the cup is still intact). I really like the 'V' shape and the cup works for me most of the time. But, now I'm in search of a new cup.

The problem is that the Diva Cup is too long. On the first 2 days of my period, the cup just barely fits inside my vagina. When it starts to fill up, the cup starts to hang slightly out of my vagina. However, when my cervix rises at the end of my period, the cup fits okay and is comfortable to wear. My cervix fits very well in the cup and doesn't take up very much capacity, so I'm happy with that. It's also very easy to insert and remove. I have tried wearing the cup inside out, but it changes the shape so that it is flared at the rim and it's less comfortable.

I'm looking for another menstrual cup that's similar in shape and capacity to the Diva Cup, but is shorter. I've done some research and what looks closest is the Eva Cup. It's only 5mm shorter, which may work,but may not. Any suggestions or experiences are welcome. So, if you know of any other cups that are V-shaped like the Diva Cup, but shorter in length with similar proportions, I'd love to hear them. Thanks in advance.
17 July 2017 @ 02:33 pm
Hi, I have a small Lena in turquoise with stem in tact and box, bag and all the pamphlets. I haven't used it but only a dry run and found the cup way too firm for me. I am looking for a Lunette size 1 in coral (Aine). I am wanting to trade cups.
16 July 2017 @ 05:00 pm
I am pretty freaked out right now. I went to remove my menstrual cup last night and my IUD came right out with it!

I'm honestly not sure how it happened. I've had the Paraguard since last August, 12 weeks post-partum, and it's been in place every time I've checked since then. This is my fourth period since then, but my first using a new cup. I had used a cup + IUD, before I got pregnant, for over two years with no problems.

I used my normal method: push a finger up beside and press till I break the suction, then pull the stem. I felt a little twinge but I assumed it was from pressing on my cervix, since the new cup (size A Mooncup UK) is firmer than my old one (small DivaCup), with a thicker rim, and I'm still getting the hang of it. And then the IUD was just SITTING IN THE CUP!

I will be calling the gyno first thing tomorrow morning, and I kept the IUD to take in and check to make sure it wasn't a mechanical failure, so to speak. What else can I do to figure out what happened? How likely is this to happen again?

Thank you in advance for any responses or advice; I'm just not sure what to do about this! I'm also posting to the iud_divas community, so apologies for any f-list duplicates.
11 July 2017 @ 09:13 am
Hi! I am super super new to the menstrual cup community, and I already am enjoying the benefits of the cup versus other menstrual products. I had wanted to start using a cup for awhile, but kept putting it off. My family is going on vacation to Florida in August--probably the hottest, most humid time of the year there--and according to my cycle tracking, I will be on my period the entire trip. Lovely. This prompted me to buy the most accessible menstrual cup in time to learn how to use it for one cycle before the trip. So, with really no research or cervix-searching, measuring, anything like that, I bought a small Diva Cup.

I'm at the end of the second day of my period. Yesterday, Day 1: I found that the bottom of the cup and the stem stick out of my vagina a little bit. The stem really bothered me yesterday, so this morning I cut most of it off and it feels much better now. I had one leak yesterday during the day. I was able to wear the cup overnight with no leaks at all, which was awesome, and it was only 1/4 of the way full this morning.

Today, Day 2: I changed my cup in the shower this morning, it seemed to go well. However, about 15 minutes after getting out I was leaking slightly, so I took the cup out and reinserted. I went to work, and about an hour later felt like it was leaking again. I went to the bathroom and took the cup out, then reached a finger in to try to feel my cervix because of what I had read on this forum. :) My cervix was pretty low, barely to the second knuckle on my index finger, and also tilts to my left. Additionally, I think my cervix dips quite a bit. So I reinserted the cup, this time trying to aim for my cervix and suction around it. I checked with a finger all the way around to make sure it was inside. When I got home 4 hours later, I had some minor leaking.

The rest of the day I tried putting the cup as low as possible to see if that would help--I was thinking maybe the cup would suction to the walls of the vagina and stay put and that would be enough, I think the Diva is probably too long for that though.

Basically, no matter what, today I cannot keep the cup in without leaks for more than 3 hours. The leaks are minor but annoying. For our trip I want to hopefully be able to not have to wear a liner in the heat if possible.

Day 2 of my period is always my heaviest day, and while the cup has made it easier, I really want the cup to work without leaks on every day of my period if possible! Besides being cleaner, it's not providing that much of a benefit over pads right now in terms of convenience.

From reading, it sounds to me like maybe the Diva is too long for me. From measuring my finger, I know that today my cervix is about 46 mm from the opening of my vagina. The furthest I can reach up is a little more than 70 mm.Also I think my cervix is probably taking up a lot of space in the cup and causing it to overflow and leak a lot sooner than it would. I tried turning it inside out, it didn't help.

Should I get a shorter cup? Would I be able to seal it low in my vagina, below my cervix, and have it stay there and be effective without its capacity being affected by my cervix? Or is there a trick to make the Diva Cup work for me so I don't have to spend another $40? I know I'm still very early on in the learning process but I want to see if I can figure this out sooner rather than later.

Thank you in advance!
I have an original Meluna in a size medium. It came in the blue velvet bag when I bought it about 8ish years ago. I wanted to replace it so ordered another medium Meluna only to not have it fit the same. It sits too low now so I can feel the cup :( Any recommendations to replace it? I love my existing Meluna and hoped for the same. I don't really want to try a bunch of different brands but if there is something similar to original sizing I will check it out! I am wondering if the XL shorty Meluna would be closest to the older sizing. I tried contacting Meluna without any luck.
I have recently have been looking to buy my first menstrual cup , and from what I have read the length of how high up your cervix is, is one of the biggest factors when choosing a cup. I did the finger test ( on the first and second day of period) and I was unable to touch my cervix with my whole finger, so first I assumed I had a high cervix, but I have short fingers, with my longest finger being 2.5 inches long. Is this considered high ? I was reading that some people were considering 3-4 inches or higher a high cervix. Also any ideas on how to do the test to see how high my cervix truly is ?
So after owning my divacup for several months, and trying it a few evenings, I finally decided to get serious about it this cycle. This is my second day of wearing it to work, and probably the heaviest day of my cycle. So heavy, in fact, that I found myself needing to empty it at work today - yikes! But everything went totally smoothly, and now I am feeling like I am really getting the hang of it!

I'm getting a fair amount of leaking, but to be honest, it's probably no more than what I got from using tampons - so I can totally live with it. And I'm hoping as I get better at inserting the cup the leaking will reduce.

Inserting and taking out the cup is getting MUCH easier already. I've learned to insert the rim of the cup just past my pubic bone and then let it glide up into place - sometimes with a little push from a finger and muscles.

One thing I realized I was doing WAY wrong at the beginning was taking the cup out. I was trying to get my fingers up far enough to squeeze the cup and take it out that way. Because my cup sits far inside, and it's hard to get around my pubic bone, this was not only very difficult, but somewhat painful. Now I learned to just grab a hold of the stem and gently pull down (with a little muscle help, by bearing down) until the cup is closer to the entrance. Then I give a gentle squeeze to the cup before pulling it all the way out. It also seems to be easier to remove if I tip it and let one side of the rim come out first.

Now that I'm feeling more confident I'm hoping things will just get easier!
30 May 2017 @ 06:23 pm
Well it's my 3rd day of using the diva cup on my cycle and I ABSOLUTELY love it!! Just got the hang of making sure it was open and it didn't leak tho today when I wiped I did have a little bit of pink on the tissue. I checked to see if it was open all the way it was, so I decided to take out and empty it only the bottom was full. Has anyone had this happen and did you take it out all the way or is there an easier way to repostion it?
Hello! I'm in need of some advice.

Background info, I am 33 years old, I think I have an average height cervix, never given birth, and my flow is usually light to medium, with maybe 1 heavier day.

I purchased my first cup, a Belladot size 2 (only brand I could find easily available in my country)

I have used it a total of 4 days (and nights), with varying results. I can get it in and out fairly easily, and if I run my finger around the cup it seems to have opened up completely.
However, whenever I have it in, I get a sort of dull pain in my lower stomach area. I also wonder if it's placed too low, but I can never get it further up. I cut the stem because it was bothering me, so if I stick a finger up there I can probably get almost to the first knuckle before I feel the bottom of the cup.

I was having trouble with some airbubbles, and I was getting some spots of blood in my underwear, so I took it out and it seemed to have done it's job, there was no blood on the outside of the cup.
I keep getting these airbubbles no matter how I try to insert it, and small drops of blood.

Yesterday, I was sitting and I felt another bubble, but this time it was accompanied with a loud POP. No mistaking that, the seal was broken. How did that happen? What can cause a fully open cup to lose the seal without any movement?

I took it out again, and inserted it, and slept with it through the night. When I got up, I went to take it out, and for a second there I couldn't even find my opening, it seems I am swollen, so there was "more skin", making it difficult to find the opening.. I managed eventually, but I'm a little scared to put it in again now that I'm swollen and all.

I really want to make this work, but I know I may have some issues with placement. Should I try a shorter cup? A stiffer one or softer one?
Any help at all is greatly appreciated.
Oh, I have tried several methods of folding the cup, using the c-fold as a favorite.
23 May 2017 @ 12:13 pm
So I bought a Diva cup researched folds to use and then tried practicing for a half hour. I checked with my finger to see if it was up all the way and if any "dent" were in it ,none could be found. Also checked to see if cervix could be felt couldn't find it so thought that was a good thing. The question is I didn't hear the "popping" sound ppl say you hear but when pulling it out I could feel a pull and a slight pop. I normally use instead cups so I thought I'd give this a try but not sure if I have the cup high enough so there wont be any leaks. How high exactly does it need to be? The stem is just inside my labia and I'm seriously thinking of cutting that thing off. My period is supposed to be coming Saturday(if I calculated it right) and was hoping to get the jest of it. Any advice?