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22 May 2017 @ 01:07 am
I am a mother of multiple using a lena cup large. I have a high cervix and find that i have to find a restroom and push my cup back up into my vagina every hour of so throughout the day some days. I love my cup, but its super uncomfortable and painful when its so low that its coming out of my vagina as im walking. I prefer it sitting up high, right around my cervix (which it is, for the first few minutes after i get it in).
What is a better cup for me? I want to change but im not sure what will fit better.
21 May 2017 @ 10:55 pm
Hello ladies,
I am 23 y.o., a beginner in using cups.
Now I have three cups: Meluna medium Classic, Yuuki soft small, Si-bell small.
So the problem is that all these cups feel uncomfortable when they are inside me.
I'm talking about my heavier days now.
Basic info: I always have cramps, I am sensitive, my cervix is medium to low (I guess) on my first days, it's somewhat average on regular days.
The issue is that I feel the cup inside and it makes some kind of pressure, I think, on my bladder, but I'm not sure on what particularly.
I can't use Yuuki cup at all - I have hard times inserting/removing it and wearing it. It's too firm for me.
Meluna cup is somewhat comparatively ok, but it maybe painfull to remove it due to thicker rims.
I love Si-bell, it is soft and nice, it's easy to insert it and to remove, but it is still uncomfortable inside :( Idk what's the issue.
It is just putting the pressure on something inside me. And it bothers me.
Sometimes when I insert cup in some wrong way I may feel really anxious, because it also irritates or pushes something - and this feeling would gone if I remove it.
Other times I feel ok, but still feel some pressure.
I remember that once I felt no pressure or irritating feelings at all with meluna cup (I have tested si-bell cup only on my heavy days yet), but it was on my last and light days of period.
Help please! I really want to figure it out and feel comfortable with cups :)
Do you have any ideas or advices?

Any help would be appreciated.

PS sorry for my English ;(
17 May 2017 @ 01:12 am

Hi, everyone! I've been curious about whether there is or isn't any correlation between things like a person's age, physical activity, birth history, etc. and what cup(s) they end up preferring. I'd greatly appreciate it if you could fill out this anonymous Google Forms survey (just once please!) so I could eventually run statistical analysis on the results. Feel free to link it to a cup-using friend.

16 May 2017 @ 06:40 am
Hey, a friend linked me here last night and I've been going through the archive, but I'm hoping someone might be able to help a little more specifically. Thanks in advance for your time.

I'm a 22 yo virgin who is trying to use a Diva Cup 1 for the first time this cycle. 5'3", not much more activity than walking the classroom while I student teach or standing upright all day at my weekend job. I'll admit I'm not super in touch with my body. I also didn't research the different varieties of cup before buying. Diva is the only one sold in stores around me, and I needed something quickly. After a minor plumbing emergency we realized that the pipes can't handle tampons, which I've worn comfortably for years, and my cycle is way too heavy to possibly get through the night with just pads. (I was using ultra tampons before this.) Throwing the tampons in the trash isn't an option, so a friend suggested the Diva Cup, which she loves.

I've only tried it for one day and night so far (first day of my cycle), but at this point I'm in tears.

So far as I could tell I was (eventually) getting it in correctly. I was using the push down fold because the c fold was too hard to get in, but I got to the point where I could run one finger fully around the cup and more or less rotate it that way, and I wasn't leaking as far as I could tell. (The longest I managed to sit with it in was about three hours, with a pad underneath and spotting free.)

The problem was it hurt the entire time.

I normally get mild to moderate cramps the first few days, so I thought that might be this, and I took a midol, which is normally enough to quickly get me feeling better. But the entire time I was wearing the cup, within 20-30 minutes of insertion I'd start feeling pain like a really intense kind of cramp-like feeling. I took it out and reinserted over and over and over, but repositioning never seemed to help. I ended up only sleeping about three hours last night, and now that I've given up and switched to just a pad, I actually feel really sore.

Again, I could run a finger all along the cup and no leaking, so I thought I had inserted it right, but is there a possibility I was doing something wrong to make this so utterly painful and miserable? I'm going to start birth control after this cycle and pray it makes things lighter, but in the meantime I don't know what I'm going to do overnight if I can't use a cup.
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08 May 2017 @ 08:29 pm
Hello fellow cup users.

So, much like I don't believe in soulmates, I don't technically believe in Goldilocks cups. I, of course, believe there are cups that work better for a person, but I'm sure more than one cup could work. At least I'm hoping. I picked my first cup solely because it was orange (LadyCup).

Sadly, my Large LadyCup is done. I'm super bummed because I ordered back when they sold the two-packs that had a large and a small. So perfect. But they don't do that anymore. And the LadyCup website has been very glitchy lately, making me nervous to purchase from them.

I was in Walgreens the other day and saw the Diva Cup and wondered what they were like.

So, I know there are many people here who are cup collectors/connoisseurs, and would be able to give me a rundown on LadyCup vs. Diva Cup. Pretty much, my favorite thing about the LadyCup was I had an orange one. I did like how soft it was, but I could see it even being a little softer than I need. The capacity seemed fine.

Does anyone have any input on these two cups?
14 December 2016 @ 05:12 pm
Two pretty new cups, Rainbow Jolly with a blurry rainbow print, and Rainbow Lines, with more separate colours. :-)

08 May 2017 @ 05:30 pm
Hey folks -

New to LJ; new to this community, but have nosed around for info (however, LJ "Advanced Search" seems to yield only "Error 503" messages)... I'll try to be brief (OK, so I'm not good at being brief)...

My basic lowdown:
41-y-o, nulliparous, average (but, based on definition here, also dangly?) cervix, typically strong/heavy/crampy flow, very physically active.
I first started using a Diva Cup about 10 years ago, and (after a learning curve similar to many described here) got really comfy with it.
After going off the Pill a couple years ago, my periods got WAY heavier (which they'd been before) and crampier (which they hadn't). Also, last year, I had an ectopic pregnancy, and have noticed my cervix and maybe my whole uterine region being a lot more sensitive since then. So it's been a while since I've used a cup (have been on pads since last year, because inserting anything has been a lot trickier; even sex = much more challenging due to sensitivity/tenderness of cervical area). But when I realized that a camping trip would coincide with AF, I thought it would be a good time to get back into cup usage.

A friend shared this quiz, which blew my mind because I had NO IDEA so many new kinds of cups have come out in the past 10 years (this was before I found this community), and based on the quiz, I bought a Super Jennie.
Holy crap. That thing is soft. I mean, that was kind of the point, as I was nervous about the Diva poking and being generally uncomfy, but it is pretty different from the Diva in several ways.
A. Day 1 (not the heaviest flow day) the stem hung out a decent amount after inserting, but after 6 or 8 hours, it was actually kind of a challenge to reach the stem, and I was like "Glad I didn't trim that stem after all!" I guess the seal/suction kind of scooted it up over the course of the day?
B. Day 2 (definitely heaviest flow day) it was overflowing after maybe 4 or 5 hours. After reading around here, this is only one thing that suggests I have a "dangly" cervix - it takes up some cup room. Also, I can actually get the cup all the way around the cervix and feel the cervix inside the rim (I had no idea it wasn't necessarily like this for everyone, and this was actually how I'd always make sure I'd inserted a cup correctly).
C. On maybe all days, but definitely at its worst on days 2 through 4, I could not get the cup to open properly. It was just too soft! I struggled a lot, and I'll defo try some suggestions I've seen here as well as on YouTube, on my next cycle, but it took a long time and was very painful to get it to open.
D. On all days, it was very painful to remove. On day 4, it took so long (and involved so much yelling, swearing, and crying) that I just went back to pads at that point (I was home from camping by then). It just felt like everything I knew from the Diva did not apply here. It was so squashy it felt impossible to break the seal!
E. On the plus side, it was not uncomfy at all to wear.

Would love any and all advice. Some things I'm wondering:
1. Firmness as related to insertion/removal - thoughts? I shied from a very firm cup because of nervousness about pressure on surrounding area, but felt like I paid the price in terms of getting it in/out. Also, firmness at rim vs firmness of lower cup (where you can grip to break seal/remove) - thoughts?
2. Shape of cup ("V" vs bell vs round) - thoughts? I've heard non-V-shaped can be good for capacity and/or for a dangly cervix, but nervous about bulbous shape being a challenge in other ways (like how it feels).
3. Cup capacity and
4. Comfort while wearing are also still concerns.

I've been considering trying a Ruby and or a "soft" Yuuki (in larger sizes for both), based on the above - any other rec's? The Merula is both intriguing and intimidating.

If there are already existing threads that address these issues, please point the way! I didn't see any existing tags re: cup firmness or shape, and like I said, the LJ Advanced Search didn't seem to work for me. Many thanks to this community for even existing!! I'm glad I found y'all.
08 May 2017 @ 10:43 am
Hey, all, so I have a kind of gross question. When I go out running or when I wake up in the morning, I'll go to the bathroom and see that there is blood all over the inside of my pants. When I take the cup out to investigate, it's nearly empty. I check to make sure that the opening of my cervix is inside of the cup every time I put it in, so this says to me that the cup is emptying itself while I run/get out of bed. The running part started a few cycles ago; the emptying on waking started this cycle and has happened every morning since it started. Help!
04 May 2017 @ 11:11 pm
Hello everyone,
I have been using cups for sometime now and I've finally decided to ask for some advice, because it seems I can't solve the leaking problem on my own. I'm under 30 and a virgin. I have three cups that I use, the small Lybera, the large Femcup, (not the Femcap) and I recently bought the Merula cup which seems to have the biggest capacity (40 mls) of all. I purchased the large Femcup because it initially seemed to me that the Lybera's diameter was too small. It doesn't matter what I do, they will always leak. All of them. Always. I can hear all the cups - and now the merula cup - opening when they are inside, I check if they have sealed with my finger, but they always leak after a couple of minutes. Is it possible to have a cervix abnormality? When not on my period I can feel my cervix low enough and a bit titled to the right side, but that's it. When on my period I can't feel anything at all. I tried to make my cervix sit inside the cup, but I can't distinguish my cervix or anything else down there, like if it has entirely changed its shape. Also, with every cup I have used, I don't have to break the seal to drag them down. There's this sound- even with the merula cup- like if air is suddenly balancing the pressure, and all I have to do is pull the cup out. I thought I could solve the leaking issue by myself but I'm really tired of trying without results, so please if you have any suggestions they will be more than welcome.

The Merula cup (which I am most interested in making it work, and which I am currently trying) has a diameter of 40 mm. Is it possible if I finally make my cervix sit inside it to close the opening of the cervix resulting the blood to be trapped in the uterus or/ and to cause pain? I normally do not worry about other cups, but this in particular, seems to have the smallest diameter.
30 April 2017 @ 07:02 pm
Hello everyone!
I changed to menstrual cups 1 year ago, and love it! I even got a cup for my mom, but she told me she gets urinary infections everytime she uses it, like when she uses tampons. Also she won't but reusable pads because she hates the idea of cleaning them, so no way to go the reusable path with cloth pads. Is there a remedy, a way to prevent these infections, so that she can use the cup comfortably?
Thanks for your help
30 April 2017 @ 06:58 pm
Hello everyone!
I have a question about the femmycycle: is its lifespan really only one year? Have some of you been using it for more than two years? Was there a problem with this?
Thanks a lot
30 April 2017 @ 06:57 pm
I sterilize my cup before every period? Should I do it more or less? And can I clean it with toilet paper every time during the period or should I use water and/or soap? I am quite clueless, please help me with this.
30 April 2017 @ 06:53 pm
Hello menstrual cup users!
I'm new to this blog but it looks like a great place and I hope to find some help here.
I'm 16 and a virgin, with a regular to light flow and a short-medium cervix (second knuckle during my period), which I also think is a bit tilted (inserting my cup is easier when I angle it to the right). I use a cup, the organicup size a and I love it: I won't ever switch back to tampons ! I've been using it for a year, and consider myself an experimented user, so I can insert it and take it out just fine.

However, I experience leaking or mostly spotting all through my period, so I have to use a pad with it (now sometimes there is no leaking, but I always have to have a pad, because I never know). I would like to be able to use the menstrual cup without a pad, for myself (I hate pads with a passion) and for the environment, and be able to sleep easier at night (although I stress much less about staining the sheets than when I slept with pads).

I think it is because the organicup is too soft that I experience leaking (since I am young and quite fit I think I have strong pelvic muscles). It is also a pain to get it to open inside me I often have to spend lots of time opening it manually with my fingers once it is inside me.

I would like a cup with a little heavier capacity, to be able to keep it a full 12 hours during my heaviest days ( I manage for about 10 hours with the oragicup) and more stiff, or at least that doesn't leak at all. I dont mind a learning curve. I am currently eyeing the femmycycle low cervix (because the teen only has 17,5 mL) and the Lena cup small.

Have you tried the 3 cups mentioned? If you have, can I have comparison pics, with stiffness too? And which one do you think would be ore suited to my needs? I don't have the money to buy both. Thanks a lot
27 April 2017 @ 12:12 am
Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a small Sckoon Cup on the recommendation of a friend, and this is my first period that I am trying it out. So far so good, I think, but I have a few questions.

I have searched all over the internet, but have found nothing describing my cervix situation so far. My cervix is suuuuper low. I have to reach my whole middle finger in to reach the tip of it, but the thing is, I'm reaching downward to get to the tip. If I insert a finger horizontally toward my back while standing I feel the cervix like a long, semi-stiff vertical shaft, and I have to reach way downward to feel the tip of it, lower than the opening of my vagina. I recently had an IUD inserted and the doctor didn't mention my cervix being abnormally long or anything. He did mention my uterus is slightly tilted (he didn't say which direction), but he said that everything looks good down there. All the diagrams for cup insertion show the cervix way up high, and the cup way down low, which I know is exaggerated, but what if your cervix opening is lower than the opening of your vagina? So my first question: is anyone else's cervix like this? Has anyone heard of this before?

Secondly, when I use the Sckoon cup, it seems to suction onto my cervix. If I don't ensure that my cervix is sitting inside the cup, then the cervix opening is below the rim of the cup and it doesn't work. So at this point my cervix is filling up half the cup and the cup is suctioning onto my cervix stronger than onto the walls of my vagina. This isn't uncomfortable (maybe a little upon taking it out), but it leaves hardly any capacity in the cup, and I am concerned about suction on my cervix because of my IUD. So my second question is, what cup would you recommend? I think I can definitely go wider than the Sckoon cup without discomfort, and I could probably go a little deeper if I got a cup with a smooth bottom and shortened the stem. The Femmycycle cup looks like a decent option except that the rim looks super uncomfortable to have your cervix sitting in it. Any thoughts?

I am 28 and have never had children, btw.

Thanks everyone!
These are the highest capacity cups. Note: unless you have an extremely heavy flow, there are many other cups to choose from. Most cups have a higher capacity than pads and tampons.

The dimensions are body length x max diameter. The capacity column is to the holes only.
See also: the charts by kuradi and Obsidian; understanding the cervix, getting a soft cup to open, FAQ.
Additional notes below the table.

CupDimensions, total lengthStem Shape CapacityNotes
Meluna XL Shorty44x47, up to 59 mmTab, ball or ring. Only the tab can be trimmed/removedU16 mlA vast majority of cuppers can use a longer/higher capacity cup. Three kinds of stiffness
FemmyCycle Regular43x48, 50 mm20 mm ringU30 ml
(no holes)
A unique design that prevents the cervix from sitting in the cup.
FemmyCycle Low Cervix43x48, 63 mm7 mm ringU30 ml
(no holes)
Has a smaller ring stem but otherwise identical dimensions. Might not be the best choice for a really low/dangly cervix
Juju Large50x46, 69 mm19 mm tab, trimmableV26 ml 
Fleurcup Large52x46, 70 mm18 mm tab, trimmableU29 mlDoesn't get shorter inside out. Anecdotally less likely to overflow when full to the holes. The grip rings are dashed but can be filed down
Super Jennie Large52x47, 68 mm16 mm tab with a ball, hard to trimU37 mlVery soft
Meluna XL56x47, up to 71 mmSeveral kinds, including basic (no stem). Only the regular stem can be trimmed/cut offU30 mlThree kinds of stiffness
Yuuki Large56x46, 74 mm18 mm hollow tube, trimmableV28 mlThree kinds of stiffness
Luv Ur Body (LUB) Large57x48, 82 mm20 mm tab, trimmableU39 mlShorter than the medium size (see below). This brand is known for its flower patterns and unusual stem
Luv Ur Body Medium62x45, 77 mm20 mm tab, trimmableU38.5 mlLongest cup on the market

Some of these cups are very similar, but the specific capacity you can achieve depends on your anatomy. It's essentially about finding your limits. It's possible that your best option is to flip one of these cups inside out to shorten it.

U-shape refers to cups with a very rounded bottom. V refers to the more pointy cups, but the difference is very subtle. Elsewhere you may see references to the V-shape that imply the nearly obsolete narrow-bodied shape (Mooncup UK, Keeper, Femmecup).
The U-shaped cups have more of their capacity in the bottom, which is great for a dangly cervix. However, if a cup sits really low it might be uncomfortable (the opposite is also possible).

If you have a very low/dangly cervix, you might need to get a high capacity cup even if your flow is not too heavy (your cervix will reduce the capacity).

The Femmycycle is unusually shaped (the rim diameter is 36 mm). It's generally not recommended to get it as your first cup. Some need to drill holes in the cup to be able to use it (proceed with caution).

Honourable mentions:
-Merula (similar to the Femmycycle, also not the best first cup)
-Lunette 2 - same dimensions as the Fleurcup, stiff, pointy
-SckoonCup, LenaCup - similar to the Fleurcup but slightly shorter
-Gaia Cup Large - similar to the Yuuki and Meluna XL
25 April 2017 @ 07:33 pm
Hi, anyone own both of these? Currently using a large rainbow yuuki and previously large diva cup/small diva cup alternating. My small diva is pretty old and stained and always produced a small amount of bladder pressure (which thankfully my rainbow yuuki does not). Tossing up between a small yuuki soft (regular soft not rainbow soft) and small fleurcup for my light days. Anyone own both and can tell me which is softer? I need it to hold up, I have a tendency to squash softer cups. Thank you!
23 April 2017 @ 08:16 pm
Hello, I am brand new to menstrual cups and am on day two of using it during my cycle. I am using a small blossom cup, have two kids but have small (short?) vaginal opening and a low cervix. I had trouble getting the cup to open at first but finally mastered it with a punch down fold. It feels like I'm getting it to open all the way and make sure to feel and see if it's around my cervix. Every time I instert it, I feel like, "yeah it's going to be perfect this time!" But an hour and a half to two hours
Later it's leaking and not even filled to 7ml. I do have a heavy flow the first two days and am usually changing a tampon every hour. So I don't mind having to empty the cup and am still liking it better, but I would love to not have to empty as often. At the moment I can't imagine wearing it out and public with the leaking. I appreciate any and all feedback!
18 April 2017 @ 01:27 pm
Hey all, new to the cup world and working on day 2. I'm using a Diva Cup and I'm having some crazy concerns. Since Monday morning, I've had 6 over flowing cup fulls and it's rather alarming. I knew I had heavy cycles but it's like a murder scene every four hours. Any suggestions? I've contacted my Gyn and waiting on a call back.

The second concern is the height of my cervix. When inserting, I'm having trouble getting the cup seated correctly or to open up. Takes a good 3-4 minutes of squatting, relaxing, pushing, rotating, tugging...it's literally a mess. Again, anyone else have this issue?

All my friends that use cups don't seem to be in the same boat as me and I'm at the point of giving up. Thanks in advance for any advice.
18 April 2017 @ 02:50 pm
Hey everyone,I'm a 14 year old girl who jumped on the menstrual cup bandwagon a few months ago. I have really heavy periods and pads weren't doing anything for me. My periods are so heavy I have to wear an overnight pad to school and at around eleven o clock after going to school at nine I have most likely leaked. I'm tired of having to leave school to change and I hate the embarrassment of leaving orangey-brown marks on my seat.(fyi I attend a uniform school so we can't just throw on another pair of random pants and go) So late one night I bought a mooncup online. I didn't have many other options as the mooncup was the only cup that was sold in my area so I bought it. I was so excited when it came in the post, I tore open the box and raced to the bathroom to slip it in but It looked massive when I took it out of the bag. It was the smallest size but it looked like I was about to shove a milk jug up there. After many hours of reasearch and different folds over a number of days I finally got it in. I was holding the base of the cup while the other half was inside my vagina. I was reassuring myself that it was gonna be okay so I pushed a little further and I assumed it had popped open. I couldn't even feel it inside me. I could still feel the majority of the stem was outside me so either I have a low cervix or I just hadn't moved at all to make the cup naturally rise up. It was great until I heard my parents calling for me for dinner so I tried yanking it out and it was unbearably sore. I managed to get it out after pulling it out at a sort of slant but the pain was really uncomfortable and it scared me pretty bad.( never used tampons so maybe I'm over exaggerating) So now fast forward a few months and My mooncup is sitting in my drawer locked away and I'm absolutely terrified of it. I also have to go back to school soon after the Easter break and I have a lot of important classes coming up that I can't miss because of a leak. I'm really hoping that someone can help me get over this fear so I can have some peace of mind during my period. Thank you :)
17 April 2017 @ 08:21 pm
Hello everyone! I started experimenting with menstrual cups about 10 months ago and I would like to know your opinions and advice regarding meluna cups and TPE. So far I've used to cups, the yuuki small and the small Mialuna (Chilean brand) and like them both. I want to buy a higher capacity cup and I'm considering the meluna large for its capacity. As I only tried silicon cups I wanted to know if there's a big difference in how the material feels and acts, like is it harder to pop open? Does it crash with strong PF muscles? Does it smell weird?

Thanks so much in advance for your advice :)
17 April 2017 @ 08:51 pm
Hey everyone,

I'm about to start my third cycle trying out my Lunette Cup which I got in the smaller size. For the most part, I can successfully (but slowly) insert and remove the cup and so far haven't had any leakage issues. During the last two cycles however, after the first couple of days of my period my vaginal opening became quite sore and I ceased using the cup for the remainder of my period. On removal I found that getting the rim out was quite painful and that sometimes it was hard to keep the cup slightly pressed in while removing. I was wondering whether getting a softer cup would possibly help this?

If you think that a softer cup would help, any recommendations would be very appreciated! A similar shape and size to the Lunette would be great.

Thank you!
16 April 2017 @ 04:33 pm
Hi everyone!

I am aware someone already posted a lovely and detailed review on their Merula cup experience (link to the review: http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/3600756.html), but since it is a pretty new cup I thought I'd make a review as well. I hope it helps someone out there!

Firstly, a few key points about me: I'm 18, virgin, medium-high flow, usually don't feel any cramping, with a low and dangly cervix. Prior to Merula I've used a small Lunette for a year. My reason for purchasing a new cup was I wanted more time in between changes on heavy days.

My first attempt at insertion did not go well... I used the upside down punch down fold (the recommended method) and inserted it. It opened completely just fine. However, after I inserted a finger to check where my cervix was, it was unfortunately outside, to the side of the cup. My further attempts at maneuvering the cup did not help to get the cervix inside the cup. I believe this issue has to do with the fact my cervix is tilted slightly to the side and that the rim of the cup is narrower than the body, meaning that there is some difficulty in getting the cup to embrace the cervix when it is being inserted. After a few attempts I was frustrated and gave up momentarily.

Fortunately, a few hours later when I tried again it worked perfectly fine. I feel like maybe my cervix descended a bit more then and it was easier to get it in, but this is what I've learned/what works best for me now for insertion:
(Just for your info, I change my cup while sitting on the toilet. I have not tried it in the shower - maybe it works better like that...)
- I use the punch-down fold, pointing downwards (upside down) like it says in the instructions
- It's important to know approximately where your cervix is located at that time, and if it is tilted, know in which direction. This helps because I find it is best if you push the cup in in one motion, towards your cervix and deep enough initially, before it opens up. - Doing so, it will most likely embrace your cervix when it opens up. I did find it more difficult on days when my cervix was less dangly for this reason.
- Trying to maneuver it when it is inside you is not a good idea. This is firstly because when it is opened, (unlike with my lunette) I found it impossible to move it upwards in any way, due to its easily collapsible bottom and wide body. Secondly, I found that pulling on it/squeezing the bottom of the cup (especially when your cervix is already inside the cup) causes pretty bad pain, (unlike anything I've experienced before), above the groin due to the strong suction pressure it is capable of due to absence of air holes. That said, apart from the first day of my cycle, (when I did experience a few minor cramps), I didn't feel any discomfort while wearing it in terms of the suction pressure.

I have not had any problems with removal, but here is my advice on it:
- Hook your index finger on the hoop closest to the cup (mine is right at the opening since my cervix is low)
- With your thumb press against the anterior body on the cup and, only when you feel the suction release, drag it out. It's important to feel the suction, as sometimes that is quite strong (eg. when changing it in the morning, after sleeping), and if you pull too enthusiastically it will be painful!

Few other observations I made:
- I have no problems with number 1 or 2. I feel no pressure on my bladder or experience the need to pee more often.
- EDIT: The overall cup is quite firm (rim is firmer than the body). It completely squishes my small lunette. That said, I think the firmness and tendency to remain opened up is due to its spherical shape. When it is inside though, the walls of the lower body are actually soft and fold in easily. I feel like if your cervix was really low, to the point where the cup was pressed up against your pubic bone it would still be comfortable to use, since the cup bottom would just shape itself according to your body. On the other hand, if you have strong pelvic floor muscles I do think it would be pretty hard to squish this cup's rim.
- I like being able to hook my finger around the hoop and therefore prevent any risks of the cup falling in the toilet (it's happened before, unfortunately).
- Aside from some discomfort due to strong suction, I love how easily the cup can be cleaned because it doesn't have any air holes.
- Cup cannot be used without any hoops because the bottom is very slippery. However, with a single hoop on my cup that sits at the opening I feel absolutely no discomfort
- The high capacity (38ml) is very impressive for such a short cup. I was able to go the full 12 hours without changing it on my heaviest day, while with Lunette I tend to only go around 4-6 hours.
- EDIT: I have had no leaking whatsoever! Not even residual leakage. I think the strong suction feature helps with this. I'm very happy about that since it means I can finally ditch liners completely!

Overall, if you have a low or dangly cervix I would recommend that you consider trying this cup out! I'm glad I decided to purchase it for my heavier days.

For additional information, I recommend you search through the private "Merula cup community" group on Facebook.

I hope this review is helpful! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.
Have a great day!!! :D
12 April 2017 @ 10:13 pm
Hi everyone!

I'm 20 years old and I'm using a cup for the first time. My vagina is really tight (even though I've had sex before) and I usually have dryness problems. I tried the cup because pads irritate my skin. At first, I had issues folding the cup and introducing it, but then I got better at it and the fist day was amazing (also I had to cut the stem almost completely). The second day, after the second change of the day, my vagina started to hurt, it was a little swollen, so I couldn't put it in, and had to wait about an hour before trying again. The third day, after I removed it at night, my vagina hurt a lot, so I decided not to put it in and put a pad. I have a very light flow, and change it about every 10 hours. I'm worried, and don't know if it's because I'm not accustomed to it. I boiled my cup before the first day and clean it with just water, also I don't use soap or anything like that

PD: After the third day, I had the sensation that my blood had a different smell, but I can't really tell if it's a bad one.
I ordered an Aneer cup (the goodness cup) there's no specs that I can find. Anyway when I can get it in correctly it fills up pretty quickly. There's measuring lines in it and overnight last night I was over the 15ml (day 1 of period) in a matter of about 6 hours. I'm a newbie and trying to insert it at 3am was not fun. I looked into the femmycycle low cervix but it says not to use if the cervix is less than 2" high. Mine is about 1". Why can't I use it??? So I need a short cup with amazing capacity! Any ideas? Thank you :)
10 April 2017 @ 03:40 am
Hello friends,
I'm in need a of a new cup because my flow is too heavy for my small Lena. I need a high capacity cup because of a heavy flow and cervix that likes to dangle into my cup and take up space. I'd prefer a cup that was on the firmer side since I'm so used to the Lena firmness but the priority for me is a higher capacity cup to reduce leakage. Any suggestions?

P.s. my Lena can be quite hard to reach so I'm looking for something longer, but I assume a higher capacity cup is very likely to have the extra length I need.

Thank you~