Trouble Inserting my menstrual cup because of my urethra

Hi, hello, I am 15 and a virgin. I bought a menstrual cup with my mom because its more environmentally. However, i have tried to insert it about 3 times now and have failed. I have used water based lube, sat in all the positions people told me to sit in, I've pushed a little to open up my pelvic region and nothing has helped. When i try to insert it i can get it a little ways up but its poking what i assume to be my urethra and it hurts so much! From what i can see using a mirror and just plain looking down, is that my urethra takes up half of my vaginal opening. Is that normal? Or am i looking at something different? I know its not my hymen because when i stick a finger up in there, its thick and rigged and goes up with the shape of the "canal". Anyone know how to combat this? I would very much like to try and use a menstrual cup but it keeps hitting this mass and i don't know what to do.



Low cervix + upside down acrobatics

Hi all!

I would like to ask if anyone else has similar problems than I do. I have used my Lunette 1 and 2 (nowadays only the size 1) for 7 years now and been having the same problem for a while now. My cervix is extremely low and it takes about half of the space of the cup. When I'm on my period, my cervix is right there when I put my finger inside. If I squat all the way down, the cervix almost comes out. My vaginal opening gets pretty sore because the cup keeps it a bit open and the tip scratches the lips sometimes. I also have to empty it pretty often because there isn't that much room for blood.

I've recently read about Merula and Femmycycle (low-cervix or teen) and other shorter cups and will most definitely try either one of the mentioned, propably Meruna because it's easier to get.

Another thing that I would really need help for, is how to solve the problem of going upside down while wearing a cup on my period. I do handstands, acroyoga and partner acrobatics and I have to use a tampon on those days, because the cup leaks. I am an experienced user with my Lunette so it's not possible it isn't put there properly. I also empty it right before I train. In every position with a possibility for vagina farts, there is also a possibility for blood catastrophe after I come back to standing. I don't now if it is the vaginal muscles that push the cup to fold or what happens, but all the blood runs out and I'm in trouble. Has anyone found a solution (cup) for this problem?

Otherwise I've had no problems with cups. Sometimes it feels like I had to pee but that's not a big problem. I am quite sensitive but it's been alright with Lunette even though it's quite firm.

Can someone help: Yuuki cup comparison old vs. new versions

Hey everyone,
I've been using a large Yuuki cup successfully for the past 9 years now, always been very happy with it, but the silicone is starting to degrade (or something...?) so I need to get a new one.
Wanted to get the same one again (I want a big capacity cup) but obviously they changed the firmness of the Yuuki cups/expanded their selection.

Does anyone on here, by any chance, happen to know how their old model compares to the soft and classic versions ones that are available nowadays?

I am open to suggestions of course, just know this/some additional info:

- I also tried a large Lunette back then, which didn't work for me, its stiffness caused it to 'dislocate' and leak when I did certain movements, the large Yuuki, which was softer, solved that problem back then, so I don't think I'd be happy with the new, firm, Yuuki that is available nowadays.

- I recently had the chance to try the large Ladycup and the large libimed cup. Both were a nightmare to get out, because when I squeezed the bottom of those cups, their rims would not collapse. And keep in mind that I'm an experienced cup user who has inserted and removed large (old) Yuuki, small and large Lunette all three successfully on first try and never struggled with it. But now I am scared the new, soft Yuuki will be similar to the Lady and libimed cup :(.

So I guess I'm looking for a rather soft, high capacity cup, whose rim collapses nicely when I squeeze the bottom, despite its softness

Sorry this got so long.
I'd be very grateful if someone could offer me some input :)

Updated review of Merula - my problem with available capacity


I've had my merula for 2 years already. At first I was very satisfied with it and it worked great... I even posted a detailed review on it! But my opinion changed a bit. I've realised I rarely use it, because I almost always still use my lunette model 1.
I bought the merula in hope to have higher capacity for busy days. However, when I overflow my merula, and pour the blood into lunette to compare the level at which they overflow on my heaviest day, I realise that merula collects either the same amount or less blood with my particular anatomy. I have a cervix that hangs very low, however, the length of my vaginal canal (so, the fornices) are relatively long(er)
While Lunette, has smaller diameter and under less suction (because of the holes), when it fills up and gets heavier, it slides more towards opening, allowing also allowing for additional space in the cup which the cervix occupied beforehand.
In merula however (and this, I think is because of strong suction), the cup does not descend ever, and engulfs much of the cervix, therefore occupying more of its capacity.

Merula is a perfect cup for people with low cervix and a shorter vaginal canal, I guess. I really wanted to like it in the long-term... but I'm my case, I don't get the benefit of the capacity, therefore I don't think I'll ever fully be satisfied with this cup :(

If anyone has any advice for me though, I'd be happy to hear.

Leaking/cup recommendation?

Hi, I’ve been using a keeper moon cup off and on for years but always gave up because of leakage. My cervix seems medium-high, I’m 40 and have had two kids. I put the cup in, no problems, can spin it, can’t feel my cervix on the side, and it almost always leaks right away. There’s often barely anything in the cup but occasionally I get it right and it all goes in there. So gratifying when it works but definitely not reliable. Sometimes it feels too low. I am overwhelmed with the number of cups and suggestions. Any ideas why I’m having such trouble or what different cup might be better? I know sometimes I’m missing my cervix but I don’t know how to get the cup to stay in a particular place. I have read Kuradi08’s FAQ and it was helpful but alas I’m still leaking all over.

Dusty menstrual cup

Hi, I live in high rise condo where dust is everywhere. Although I rarely open the window, and clean my room daily, the dust still exist in every corner. I just used my first menstrual cup during the first week of April. After I finished using menstrual cup, I thoroughly washed it with soap, boiled it for 5 minutes, then stored it in cotton pouch so that it’s breathable. When I open the pouch to see if the dust get inside the pouch, I found out that my menstrual cup is full of dust, when I rub against the cup, the dust is still on there. I’m quite concerned about this dirty dust on my cup, and would like to know if it’s normal for the dust to stick on the cup. Will it be safe to use my cup on period again if I thoroughly clean it before use? Or is there any other way to store the cup dust-free? I would like to keep it in air-tight container if possible to prevent the dust, but I know that it will increase the chance of bacteria growth, so I really don’t know what to do.

Stemless Menstrual Cups

Hello. I recently became aware of a stemless menstrual cup called the Stone Soup menstrual cup. All the websites I've found it on seem to only ship to India. Anyone know of any other brand stemless menstrual cups that ship to the US? I know there's a stemless version of the Cuplee brand but I'm looking for more of a bell-shaped cup. Cuplee is more v-shaped. Or know of how I can get a Stone Soup stem-free menstrual cup? I'm looking for a soft firmness cup. Please, no TPE.

High flow and low cervix that sticks into the cup

Hi everyone! 

I've been using a cup for almost a year now and after two cups I've decided to buy my third because I'm not quite comfortable with the ones I have. 

I have a high flow and my cervix is low, and I can't find a way to put my cup in without sticking my cervix into it, which means the cup gets filled really fast. I have a Lily cup compact that I can barely use because it gets filled almost immediately, and another cup (I don't know which brand) that collects about 27 mL. I have high leaks with both of them when they are not full (the Lily cup gets about 1/3 full and the second one half-full) because my cervix is occupying space inside the cups. I've tried to put the cup in other positions, but my cervix always gets inside of them. 

Also, I usually have really light leaks when the cup is empty, could it be because the cups are not firm enough? Though if the cervix is inside of the cup and it's not full I can't understand how there can be leaks. 

I was thinking about buying a Merula cup (due to its capacity and short length), but I don't know if that will solve my problem. Does anybody know any other brand that could work well?

If it helps, I'm 20, 1'70m and 58kg, I'm not an active person, I've never given birth and I'm not a virgin.

3 Cup Woes

Hello, everyone!

First I'd like to say thank you for this community. It's the reason why I'm trying and have continued to try to master these things.

Secondly, I'd like to say that I'm discouraged. :-\

I bought the Organicup last month and tried to use it for last month's period. I struggled getting it inside, and when I finally did get it inside it felt slightly uncomfortable. I was able to fall asleep with it one night and when I woke up the next morning it was so far inside me I had to "bear down" for so long and so hard, I peed on my hand trying to get the damn thing out (at least I know my muscles were fully relaxed, right?) It's funny now, but I was in such a freaking panic trying to get it out. Once I did get it out, my insides hurt like a m*therf*cker. Excuse my language, but I was doubled over in pain for 30 minutes cursing the organicup and every other cup I had yet to try. It was pretty bad. I was in tears. I realized later that not breaking the seal is bad. I stayed away from the cup the rest of that period.

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