what_to_expect (what_to_expect) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Diva Cup and Urinary Tract Infections

I've been using my DivaCup for about 6 months now.
The past two months, I've got what feels like a urinary tract infection from it's use. The first time I left it in too long (18 hours), so I assumed that was what was wrong. The second time it was in for only about 6 hours, with a light flow.
I wash it with soap in the shower every night, and rinse it when I remove it during the day. What else should I be doing to prevent recurring infections?
I checked the memories and there were some tips but no washing tips....

I still am never 100% confident with the Diva as I get leaks frequently, but still like it a whole lot better than tampons. =)
Tags: uti (urinary tract infection)

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