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Problems with the Keeper

Hi everyone! I've been lurking in this community for a about 2 months, getting all kinds of great tips(THANK YOU!), and finally decided to get an account. I first heard about menstrual cups a few months ago from a message board. I was immediately curious and started reading a bit about them. I had only heard about the Keeper and Diva and  had decided to get the Diva, but when I happened to see both of them in a health food story I bought the Keeper because they only had the larger Diva (I'm 27 with no kids). I'm about to start my third cycle with the cup and I've had some problems that none of the tips I've tried have helped with.

The main problem is leaking. It's not a whole lot, but there is always some blood, and I don't want to have to use a panty liner. My periods are very light--using the cup I realize they're even lighter than I thought, so it's definitely not an overflow problem.  I use the punch-down folding method that I read about works wonderfully because it goes in very easily and since the keeper is so stiff I like that it makes it a little bit difficult to pop open--insertion before I discovered the various folding techniques was a nightmare. There hasn't been a difference in the amount of leakage with the various folding techniques. I definitely feel it pop open, and I rotate the cup and I'll sometimes pull a little bit down and forward, but I still have problems. I've made the holes bigger with a toothpick, I always feel around for any fold or dents, etc. Still leaks. And I never leak overnight, just during the day, if that helps. Oh, and I cut the stem about halfway, if that makes a difference. I'm not quite comfortable removing it completely yet, but I will if you think it would help.

Another problem is removal. I'm able to break the seal and pull it down pretty easily most of the time, but it hurts like hell to get it out the vaginal opening. Is it just because the keeper is so stiff? From what I've read here it seems that the silicone cups are much softer.

Are there any tips I've missed that can help with these problems? I've been doing so much reading and I feel like I've tried everything, but I've only had two cycles with the cup so who knows. Should I get the larger size? Does this sound like an inexperienced newbie problem or do you think that the keeper is not the right cup for me? And if that's the case, for any who had the same problems with the keeper, which cup(s) do you recommend?
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