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I took the plunge!

So I am the kind of girl that researches things to death. I have been reading this community since the beginning of December. I have also looked at menstrual cups on and off for about 3 yrs. I originally decided to look into them because pads just feel nasty to me and give me a rash and tampons make me cramp like crazy. It took me awhile to decide to do buy one. It took me forever to use tampons wayyyy back when I started my period. I suppose the idea of something in me makes me uncomfortable.

Well today I bought the Diva cup from Whole Foods. I cleaned it, read all the instructions, and then re-read some memories here. I did a dry run. It went pretty well. Did not take me very long to insert it. I used the punch down method. I felt like I was pushing it in too far but I am thinking maybe I did not push it in far enough. I felt like it could not go any further back in but it was pinching me a little when I sat down. I don’t know if it was my imagination but I felt a little crampy (that also might because I am about to start). It turned fine but I could not feel the rim. I sat with it in for a few minutes and then took it out. Removal was so easy. I just bore down a little and it came right out.

I have two concerns...
1. The pinching and little discomfort with insertion
2. The fact that it came out so easy

Do both these things mean I did not have the cup in far enough? I also just wanted to tell some people with experience about my dry run.
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