random325 (random325) wrote in menstrual_cups,

My diva has arrived!

I'm excited about it. actually looking forward to my period for the first time ever so i can test it properly. Come on Monday... still, I've done some tests with it. its a little uncomfortable at the moment but i think i need practice. at least i've tested getting it out so i don't worry its going to get stuck. and i haven't hurt myself either, except with a careless long fingernail which i intend to fix asap. I was a little worried cause i am a virgin that i'd have more trouble getting it in. only took 10 mins, maybe a little less...

It really does seem huge when you first see it doesn't it? still, i know i can get it in with a little work and patience. but i was the same the first time i used a tampon and that worked out in the end... Only thing is, i've read you are supposed to be able to rotate it once its in. i can't. at all. is this because its a dry run or is it maybe just me? is it a big deal if i can't?

Are you supposed to be able to feel it if its in? mine feels ok if i stay still but if i move suddenly it hurts. do i just need to push it in further or cut the stem or what?
Tags: dry run, first time use, virginity

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