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OW! Now I know!

Third cycle with my Lunette . . . I love the thing! But now I know what others are talking about when they have have problems with getting the cup to unfold upon insertion due to the suction.

Up until now I've had no problems & I've learned a lot about my body. My cervix sits very low in the first few days of my period, then bounces right up towards the end. The cup is more comfortable to wear in those last days . . . it sits really low in the first few & annoys me. And that is why I felt the ow!

I decided to get the cup as close to my cervix as possible so it wouldn't sit so low . . . I let it open up higher than usual & WHAM it suctioned onto my cervix! OWWW! It wouldn't open up properly because of the suction, so I had to fish around up there to try & break the seal . . . not easy! At that point I thought that if this was my first try at a cup it would also be my last. The pain was amazing! It caused massive cramps & I even has a horrendous pain that seemed to go through to my rectum. I had to work up the courage to keep going back in to get it out. I finally managed to squeeze a "corner" of the rim enough to break the seal & the pain instantly went. Ahh the relief . . .

I didn't actually take the cup out then, just re-positioned & went happily on my way, but with much more appreciation for those of you who have endured that pain on your first tries with a cup yet still endured!
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