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Ok, so my MooncupUK arrived this morning, and since I need to get this figured out reliably before my next visit from Aunt Flo, I decided to do a dry run even though I only finished my last period a few days ago.
I lubed the cup AND myself, and used the punch-down. Went in a breeze, and opened up and suctioned itself properly. So far, thumbs up. But then I had to remove it. Now would be the time to mention that I'm a virgin, and that despite biking, riding a motorcycle, and using tampons for 10 years, my hymen was still intact. I say was, because after this, it's not. Upon removal, the blasted thing got caught on my hymen, and I had heaps of trouble getting it past(yes, I had it as folded as well as I could, I didn't try to pull it out open -the horror!-) and out. Yowch. Just as I was really starting to worry that it was gonna be stuck there(didn't want to have to explain THAT to my Dr...), it came out. Painfully. Oh the relief. But ever since, I've been bleeding a bit. Not menstrually, but around the hymen area, so I obviously tore it. Couple of questions: How long should I leave my poor bits to recover before I try again, and any tips for easier removal -especially from anyone who started using Cups while virgins-? (I've read the tags and memories, but anything else worth knowing?)

Thanks heaps girls, this community is a goldmine of info for the intrepid first-time Cup user:)
Tags: dry run, virginity

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