polkadotskirt (polkadotskirt) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Facebook activism

There is an application on facebook that offers "green tips", so I put in one about alternative menstrual products - and if I can get lots of thumbs up, it will move to "popular tips" where a lot of people will see it. I'd appreciate it if you'd go here and click "thumbs up" - if you have a facebook. Cheers. http://apps.facebook.com/greenbook/ideas.php?34378

Also, a question for the mods really, but does anybody think it would be a good idea for users to collaborate and produce a clear set of instructions for learning to insert and remove the cup, which could be made into a sticky post (dated 2050 or something). I'd be happy to co-ordinate it, and put the tips together. I think it could be an easier resource to use than the memories, as it would all be in one place.
Tags: activism
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