godsinstrument (godsinstrument) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Hello there!  Thanks for this awesome place I can post questions.  :D

Okay, so I've had my DivaCup for a while, but I'm a complete virgin, and it really hurt.  So, disappointed, I ignored the cup for 6 months, and decided to give it a try again.  So I finally figured out insertion and removal, and I'm fairly decent at it now, although I do get a little panicky sometimes and end up just being sore after, as I sometimes find it hard to get it to pop open.  (I use punch-down usually)

Now, It is wonderfully comfortable when I am sitting down, at least for the most part I can't feel it.  Then when I stand up and move around a bit, I have discomfort.  Originally, the stem poked me too, but I cut some off, and that's fine.  Now it just feels like things are being stretched inside that don't want to be stretched, but only when I stand up, etc.  I can manage, and it's better than messy pads, but I would love  a solution to this problem.  Any suggestions/ideas/fellow sufferers?

Tags: divacup, virginity
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