Cheryl (sevoo) wrote in menstrual_cups,

switching from keeper to divacup

I used the Keeper for several years before had my first child. I never had a problem with leaking.

After my cycle started up again post-childbirth, I found that the stem on my Keeper was crumbling. Enough of the stem broke off that it was hard to insert & remove, though otherwise it worked fine. I saw a Diva Cup in a local store, and purchased one in the post-childbirth size as a replacement.

I'm on my second month with the Diva Cup and it's just not working for me. More fluid comes around the outside of the cup than collects inside. I tug on it and rotate it and make sure it's unfolded, but nothing I'm used to doing to ensure suction & placement is helping. I'm just about ready to go back and purchase a pre-childbirth-sized rubber Keeper, because at least I know that one worked. I'm afraid that if I buy the post-childbirth-size or if I buy the Mooncup, that whatever is making the DivaCup not work for me will happen again.

Help! This is frustrating and messy.
Tags: leakage & spotting
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