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A new Diva cup user!

Account of my first period experience, with my new Diva Cup. Be warned, I will blunt and use amusing language; as well as sharing to much information. I blame the new freedom on this awesome little invention. So, join this twenty-something virgin after the cut, for the amusing tale of my 6 day journey. 

A bit of a background: I have seen the disposable cups for years, and always wondered what it would be like to see, and poke at menstrual blood. Though, the idea of shoving a cup in and pulling it out without spilling everywhere, was a somewhat daunting idea. Till, I read a blog where someone mentioned getting a Mooncup. So, I researched a bit, fell in love with the idea and decided to tell my best friend. We were both on our periods and were about to shoot ourselves. I have always been an advocate of ‘beg whatever creation Deity’ to turn me into a man in my next life. Being a woman flat out sucks and the monthly bloody fairy was my least favorite thing. So, armed with our Motrin, irritation over bathrooms full of tampons, and growing budget concerns we bought Diva cups. It wasn’t a hard decision, any alternative to cotton hell is worth a shot and I paid no more than $21. I pay out more than that, a month, in tampons, so its’ not like I was putting a huge dent into my bank account. So,onward with my tale.

            The first thing I noticed the Diva cup accomplish that nothing else had was…I was looking forward to my period. This is an unheard of feat in my world, especially since this monthly visitor usually makes me lose $30, lose 5 new pairs of panties, it makes me bitchy, unproductive, and lethargic. Since, I am the President of a huge organization at my college I am in front of people all the time. Being bitchy and wearing overly large clothing and getting nothing done…it’s unacceptable. I needed a change, and I needed to be more comfortable with myself so the Diva cup has become my savior.

            The day the unmentionable time (friend’s reference) came I was thrilled, and oddly nervous beyond words. I think this comes from not being very familiar with my body, and possibly other issues (still figuring it out). The insertion was a bit tricky, my best friend swore by the origami fold, yet now matter how long I sat in front of the computer viewing folding techniques, could I grasp this one, without making the cup pop to the other side of the room. So, I opted to stay with the c-fold. It worked well enough in my dry run. But, because of routine tampon hysteria I felt the need to check it every few minutes, but I stopped myself. I think this was another factor in my nervousness (visions of a river of blood going everywhere).

            My advice for the heavy days, crawl out of bed, hobble/bend over in the funny ‘I haven’t stretched yet’ pose…remove diva cup, then stretch, or you shall face the blood gush (my nightmare coming true). I should have expected this since my friend mentioned it happened to her on her second day. It never happened again though. The second day is always my worst, cramp and mess wise. I usually go through 4 pairs of panties, 8 tampons and about a bottle of Motrin. So, when I woke up early and stretch and popped my seal, I was not a happy cup user. I rushed to the bathroom, and started dealing with the mess. Let me tell you, nothing gets you closer to your girly-bits than when you have to dive in hands first to rescue a Diva cup. Day two was war. However, I kept chanting”I’m not going back to tampons, I’m not going back to tampons” (while giving dirty looks to the tampon drawer) and the learning curve began. Tampons have made me insane, and the fact that they leaked horribly (little bastards) had trained me to be obsessive compulsive about going to the bathroom (every twenty minutes).

            I got through it all though, and for the next 4 days, I never ever knew Diva was there. Removal was easy, hurt sometimes, but after my cunt realized Diva wasn’t a cotton swap shoved up there to royally piss off the bits, it relaxed and liked it (even threw a party). Insertion was always the worst part of the ordeal though, but I tried a 7-fold…and man it was a life saver. Easiest insertion, easiest to hold onto, and for me I was able to insert it high enough, that I could feel it pop open and seal. So, I would just check it, spin, tug a tad and I was done! Whoo!  I was getting better at it, and I grew to ADORE my cup. I could never have made this decision without finding this community. So, I thank you all for the information you have shared.

             When my final day came, I was a little reluctant to let go of my cup. But I waved sadly at my Diva cup in the final removal, washed it, said farewell and stowed it away till next month. I never thought I would look forward to a period, or be as comfortable with my body, and yet learning so much at the same time. Menstrual cups should be more, well known. I hope to tell more people about it in the future (not that I haven’t gushed about it to everyone I know).


Lessons Learned:

            Diva cups are the best investment I have ever made for myself.

            Easier to use than a tampon…and I’ll never miss late night runs to the store.

            I never realized how much the tampons were adding to already horrible cramps (and I mean world war in my uterus)!

            I feel so much healthier now that I finish a period and my cunt isn’t the Sahara desert.

            My cunt isn’t as scary as I thought it was. I look forward learning more.

            Men would be hell of a lot more comfortable with something that wasn’t a cotton stick shoved up your cunt.

            If you more comfortable with yourself, your partner will be as well.

            Periods aren’t these horrible insightly things, however stretch in the shower (just to be on the safe side).

            Best of all….I’m not scared of the word Cunt any longer. Thank you Diva Cup!!


(note: Wow, I didn’t get as blunt as I thought I would be. *pats self on back*)

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