carp (evilcarp) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Day 3 and Wow

I posted the other day saying how excited I was that I finally got a Diva cup. Now I’m on day three of using it and I just have to say that everything’s fantastic. I’m still clumsy with inserting it, but I’ve found out that this method from another poster works pretty well for me (I still don’t get the twist part). I’ve been using it day and night. I’m actually not wearing a pad today (I never felt confident about going without a pad while using tampons). I did get a little leaking at one point yesterday, but it was still hardly anything.

I’m just so freaking amazed by the whole thing. Especially by the fact that I can use it at night. When I tried Insteads, I tried using it at night but when I laid down, I got this queasy feeling that wouldn’t go away until I took it out. I got nothing like that with the cup. I did have to trim about a quarter inch off the stem to keep it from sticking out, but now I really can’t tell it’s there at all. I didn’t expect that, because no matter what I tried with tampons, I was always just aware of their presence.

I didn’t get a chance to go work out yesterday to see how the cup handled that, unfortunately. But I’m feeling pretty confident about, since so far everything else good I’ve heard about the cup here is turning out true.

I just want to thank everybody in the community for sharing their experiences and answering my questions. Who knows how long it would’ve taken me to find out about menstrual cups if this hadn’t been here.

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