none (jpress) wrote in menstrual_cups,
menstrual_cups - DivaCup request

Turns out Divacups are sold on about the post.

I recently found out you can request products to be sold on They already sell lunapads and instead cups. I think that a lot of companies don't want to sell reusable menstrual cups because they will lose money in the long run. I know there's different cup brands but the Divacup company already sells in bulk so people can resell at a cheaper price. I think the cup being on is conveinient becuase you can have more than one item in a package so it's pretty discrete shipping and billing. Am I wrong in saying the DivaCup is more widely heard of than other cups? I'm just wondering if any of you will send in a request as well..


Any other comments are welcome.

By the way, instead cups were requested by customers.

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