Moonlight in Vermont (moonlight_in_vt) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Moonlight in Vermont

Diva Cups are awesome.

I recently had my third period on it, and once again am very pleased at the success. No leaking! Especially 'cause I was Christmas Shopping during my period... as if walking around a mall for hours and being stuck in traffic isn't bad enough. But the Diva Cup made such a big difference compared to wearing a pad. During my pad days, I would have been constantly thinking, "I should go use the bathroom again to see if I'm leaking," but now that I have this amazing cup, my thoughts were more like, "I should get my sister a present at Hot Topic." It's so nice to not be distracted by just your period. I still get just as bad cramps, though, but the fact that I don't have to wake up at 3am to wash bed sheets makes me feel a lot better. The Cup makes menstruation just seem like a walk in the park, not the schedule-altering nightmare it used to be for me.

My new saying is, "Forget saving the rain forests... this thing even WORKS BETTER than anything else!" Though I do still like the fact that it saves on waste caused by pads and tampons. Anything to help the environment is still good. But the thing I like most about Diva Cup is that it doesn't leak (for me, at least).
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