Abby Cadabby (badabbajamma) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Abby Cadabby

n00b trouble

Ok, so I bought my cup the other day, and didn't have time for a dry run because I was already on my period. So I have been making attempts for the last 2 nights without much success. The first night I was going to try in the shower, I folded it into first a "C" but that seemed too big. Next I tried the pushdown method and I was able to get it mostly in, just kinda crooked and really low. But I could tell by the way it was feeling that it was not going to open, so even after some maneuvering it did not. I tried the "7" fold after reading that it was about as small as the punch-down but would open as easily as the "C". I inserted it, once again it was very low, and attempted to release it. That was a new kind of pain, I felt like if it open I would jump through the roof. I took it out and tried again. The same thing happened only at this point my leg were shaking. I decided I would give it a rest and try the next day.

I attempted tonight, again in the shower, and found that when I really relaxed myself I could get it in a little bit farther with the punch-down, but still no opening. So I tried the 7 again. In, not opening, very low. When I got out I went to the bathroom, sat down and gave it one more try with the 7. I found it once again VERY painful and ineffective. I removed the cup and inserted my index finger just to get my bearings on what was going on. My finger was not even half in when it hit something squishy and sensitive which I take to be my cervix. It seems like its a lot lower than it should be. Is this a possibility and/or problem? I should also probably mention that I am a virgin which could be related to the initial pain.

I really want this to work for me, and I have no thought of giving up just yet. any suggestion or thought would be really appreciated.
Tags: first time use, virginity

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