dances_w_feet (dances_w_feet) wrote in menstrual_cups,

my first menstrual cup experience

So I was recently told about the joy of using a menstrual cup.

At 21, I had never even heard of something like a menstrual cup. I mean, even in school, they only tell you about pads and tampons.

After hearing about menstrual cups, I thought "my period woes are solved!". Though my period is short, I leak like crazy. Even the super-plus tampons only work for 30 mins.

So hoping to find a cup at the store, I see the Insteads. I know people have had problems with them in the past,but I figured it wouldn't hurt to try.

I give Insteads a C-.

I started my period 2 days ago, and suffice to say, Insteads are crap when it comes to women with heavier flows. I've leaked from the first day and I'm about 98% percent sure, they're in right. If I lie down, they leak more. It's not so bad with a lighter flow,but IMO, using tampons aren't either. The whole reason I wanted to make the switch from tampons to cups is to control my heavy flow.

Needless to say, the Insteads will be making their way to a women's shelter, and I'll be ordering a Diva Cup for next month.
Tags: divacup, heavy blood flow, instead, leakage & spotting
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