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Funny Purchasing Story

Ok, after having read about menstrual cups here, for months and months, I finally decided I was going to go and get one today. My mom and I drove to the closest store I could find that sold Diva Cups, about 45 minutes away from home. On the way there I was contemplating how embarrassing it would be for most other 17 year old girls to be going with their mothers to a natural living store to get a menstrual cup, and all the things you could imagine going wrong if you were to see it happen in a movie. Things like having a lot of attention drawn to you while you're grabbing it, or your cashier being some really cute guy....

So we went in the store and looked around a minute, I checked down a few aisles and couldn't find the Diva cups anywhere. So a lady who worked there happened to pass me and I asked her where they would have them. She kindly took me to the end of that aisle where there stood 3 other people who worked there who were restocking the organic cotton pads. She said to them "excuse me, this young lady needs to get a product over there." So they all backed up for a moment and watched me as I grabbed my model 1 diva. She informed me that it was available in 2 sizes, and I assured her I was aware, lol. So, then I went up to the front and ran into what looked like a customer service desk with 2 ladys at it, I asked them if I was supposed to check out there, and they both pointed to the registers to their left. I walked calmly and confidently to register one where, not 1, but 2 REALLY cute guys were standing, ready to help me. I almost lost it, I got so nervous. But luckily they were talking and keeping each other distracted form the product I was purchasing.

I just thought it was too classic to keep to myself. Does anyone else have any embarrassing purchasing stories?


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