Shana (willow_78) wrote in menstrual_cups,

1st timer's success!!

I want to start by saying: THANK THE GODDESS FOR THIS COMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!


I had been toying with the idea of a cup for a few months. I'm 29. I found this community and after pouring over it, bought a Diva cup. My first period with it was a total success. No leaking, when it was in correctly it was totally comfortable. I wore it all night no problem, wore it all day also without a problem. I used the C-fold and found it worked great. I tried the punch down but it didn't open very well or create good suction. Which btw, you ladies are right about the Diva and it's super suction! My only problem was getting it out, but it got better with practice. Apparently I have a very narrow vagina, so removing it, with three fingers inside me and still not getting it to fold caused a LOT of pain! I was sore on the second day after all the stretching and abuse, but with practice I know removal won't be a problem. My girlfriend was jealous that I could wear it all day and is thinking about buying one too.

No more tampons!! Wa-Hoo!!!!

Thank you to every woman who has posted on here and a HUGE thanks to the moderators!!! You girls deserve an award!
Tags: first time use

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