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New to the community and problems with Diva


I am new to the community!  I don't really know how to use LiveJournal as I just joined to be able to post here.  So I hope this works!

I stumbled upon this website  while looking for information on Lunette cups.

You see, I used to have a Lunette cup.

It was a wonderful present from my maid of honor when I got married as our wedding/honeymoon was going to fall right on my period. 

I had my doubts at first but after a couple of months I realized I never wanted to have another period without it!

The problem is, last month my sister-in-law  came to our home for a few days as her apartment was robbed and she was afraid to be at home alone until the window and door that were broken into were repaired and all the locks changed.  Plus she was very nervous just to be alone, and she is pregnant and her ex-bf is kind of psycho and we suspect it was him who broke into her apartment, but we have no proof.  so we welcomed her and her fur baby (a cute little Yorkie) and well... let's just say the Yorkie got a hold of my lunette and chew it to pieces!!!! :-(

My SIL offered to pay for it but I know she cannot afford to do so. 
THe problem is neither can I  :-(

I am a student on a shoestring budget, and my husband's job is not very well paying either.

To replace my cup, I bought a DivaCup (as a cheaper option), but I have trouble creating a seal.

I just finished my first period with it and I leaked a couple of times and I had so much trouble trying to make it open! 

With my Lunette I would just fold it half, insert it would pop open right away.   I guess I'll have to save my pennies until I can afford a new one.

I bought my DivaCup from LuckyVitamin and they offer no returns, so I guess I'll have to make it work somehow. 

Does anyone have any words of wisdom on how to make opening Diva easier?  After considering myself an "expert" with my Lunette, I just don't get why I have so much trouble with this cup. 
Tags: divacup, popping open

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