sarah_826 (sarah_826) wrote in menstrual_cups,

is the new cup causing these problems?

so a few posts down (maybe a page behind) i posted picture comparisons of a diva bought in july and one bought in november. well i got my period on monday and i used my new cup.. it felt just like the old one, until that afternoon. i started leaking so i thought it must be full.. so i went to the bathroom and took it out ... it was only a fourth full.. i cleaned it and put it back in...... 30 minutes later i finally got it to suction. this (the taking a long time to suction and leaking before full) continued for two more days until i went back to my old cup today-- it suctioned immediately and i havent leaked at all (which btw has never happened to me until i used the new cup). im starting to think that maybe the way the new cup is made is what's making the leaking... the holes in the new one are bigger on the outside and get smaller as they go in.. maybe that causes the cup to lose suction over a period of time, causing me to leak? has anyone experienced problems like this with their new divacup that they didn't experience before with their old one?


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