Erica (laughing_dreams) wrote in menstrual_cups,

How I got the "C-Fold" to work for me!

So I started using my Diva Cup like a year and half ago which is before I was aware of the million different folding methods people have come up with
I came up with a twist on the C-fold which I basically call "The c-fold, yank down, and push up"
So I fold my Diva into the C-fold as normal
I then insert it into my vagina
Now here's where most people (including me) have trouble with the C-fold, the flipping thing will not pop open! It will unfold but not pop open
So i release my fingers from the fold and pull the cup down to the base of my vagina (but not all the way out!) at this point it pops open
I then glide it back up to my cervix (for some reason if it's already inside of you it stays open ) and twist to create my seal!
I know this sounds kinda complicated but it takes me all of 30 seconds and to me is simpler and more intuitive than a fold with a million folds
Tags: insertion, insertion - folding methods

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