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new user question, problem with cup moving after muscle relaxation

Hello! I bought my first Diva Cup this afternoon, I have been researching them and reading this community for awhile. I checked through all the new user and proper insertion posts, but I couldn't find a solution to my particular problem.

I am able to insert my cup, but after a few minutes it slides back out so that the base of the cup is resting at the opening of my vagina... and the entire stem of the cup is sticking out. I have no trouble inserting it, I have tried three times now. I am able to rotate it and feel that it's open. I also feel like I am placing it in far enough because it's up high enough so that the stem is definitely not hanging out (actually, I pushed it up as far as I could hoping that it wouldn't slide back down), but a few mins later it's migrated down again. It's so frustrating!

Do you think this is just a case of me needing to get the hang of it? Thanks for any advice! :-)

Edit: Thank you to everyone for your responses! I've cut the stem so it's much shorter, and it feels SO much better. I think the stem was also poking me while I was sitting/laying down, and that pain has also gone. Thanks so much!
Tags: first time use, insertion - painful or problems, stem length/trimming

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