jollymollylou (jollymollylou) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cramps and Stem

Yesterday I got my Lunette in the mail, and just in the nick of time too, because my period started today (unexpectedly early).  Luckily though, I had tried my lunette last night, and brought it to school to show a friend.  So near the end of French class I went to the restroom and put it in.  That went pretty easily, but then during my next class (Algebra 2 : P) and lunch I had pretty bad cramps.  I bummed some ibuprofen off a friend and by the end of my next class felt fine.  Right now I am not experiencing any cramps, but it has only been about two hours since I took the ibuprofen.  So I am wondering, could the cramps be of any relations?  Or was it a mere coincidence?  Or, did it just have to do with being my first time wearing it longer than 10 minutes.  Any ideas?

My second question was, should the stem be sticking out any?  I can definitely feel my cup while I am wearing it, but its not  painful.  Could this be caused by the stem being sat on and pushing up?  The stem sticks out  a little at the bottom, and I didn't know if  I should trim it or not.  I'm afraid of trimming it and then realizing I shouldn't of for some reason.  Any more ideas?


ps-Thank you for everyone responding to my last post, and thanks to everyone in this group.. All the posts really provide a lot of useful information.
Tags: first time use, lunette

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