K (myski) wrote in menstrual_cups,


So I finally figured out a fold that lets me get my Diva Cup in.  And now it's stuck -- yes, ladies (maybe, gentlemen) -- I cannot remove it.  It's starting to leak because it's overflowing and I've been trying for an HOUR to get the stupid thing out and all I've accomplished is putting blood on the floor and confusing my roommates with why I'm hogging the bathroom for an hour.  And I've learned that Diva Cups have SUCTION.  A lot of it.  So it doesn't help that I can break the seal, but I still can't slide it out.  I might have to resort to pulling them out with tweezers or doing something to yank it out.  Bah.

Since I'm not going to get tips that'll help me tonight, tips for the future?  (And do you think trimming the stem would help?)

EDIT:  Would widening the holes at the rim help with the suction?  (And how is the best way to do that?)
Tags: removal - painful or problems

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