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Diva: importance of holes + position + urethra

I have just started with a Diva cup (size 2, as I have a baby) and my first cycle was up and down with it. First I was happy because I have no problems to either insert or remove it. But on the first day (heaviest) it leaked all the time, though it wasn't full. I blame it partly on me probably putting it wrong (and not obtaining the seal) and also I noticed the holes were easily clogged. I have researched on this community but I am not sure of what exactly the role of these holes is. Is the seal broken when they get clogged? How could I prevent them from clogging? Would enlarging them help? I am French and in France it is very uncommon to have the toilet in the bathroom so when I want to clean it I have to run half naked to the sink and back to the loo. I tried in the shower but for some reason whereas everything goes smoothly in the loo I can't even put it in in the shower.

However the other days went smoother. I am a bit puzzled to see that it sits very very low (the stem is actually peeking out), even if I try to insert it higher. It is not really uncomfortable (I'll probably end up trimming the whole stem to help as I don't really use it for removal) but I was wondering if it could cause leaking.

After three days of wearing it day and night, even though it was not painful in any way, I just felt like not putting it back. I have to say it kind of "bothers" my urethra, as I find peeing more difficult and also it feels kind of weird (difficult to explain). It is certainly more comfortable than tampons, but before the diva I did not use tampons all the time, always resorting to pads at some point. I guess my body has to adjust to the cup being there but I was wondering if someone else experienced this too. Today I tried it again, it's fine but yet I feel my urethra is "not so happy" (not so easy to describe, especially as English is not my mother tongue).

Thanks in advance for your help!

ps : i posted by mistake an incomplete version of this post, I'll try to remove it and hope it hasn't caused too much inconvenience.
Tags: first time use, insertion, leakage & spotting, urination, uti (urinary tract infection)

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