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divacup comparison

I ordered my first DivaCup and it came about the middle of July. I just ordered another one (so that i have a spare) and it came in the mail yesterday. When I opened the package I noticed some differences between both cups so I took some pictures of them and  wanted to share them with you guys.

in all the pictures the new is on the left and the old on the right

new diva with plastic wrapper its pouch and old diva with its pouch

withouth the plastic wrapper.. just with their pouches

both pouches...

you can see how the cup should be and how the other one has gotten discolored. you can also see the difference in the holes. the new one's holes are bigger on the outside but get smaller as they go in. I suppose they did that so that it would be easier to clean.

inside both cups. the thing that says "divacup" is written differently. also, the measurements are switched. in the new one, the side that says "divacup" has the oz measurment on it. the old one has the mL measurment on the side it says divacup. you can see how the holes get smaller on the new one here too

yep. that's about it :)  
isn't it weird though how the two divas are different
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