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Ok, so last month (and several previous) I posted all my complaints about the DivaCup. I had been using it for 4 months and it just wasn't working (leaked all the time!). I finally broke down and bought the Mooncup UK, since everyone seemed to say that this was the superior cup, especially to people who had been having my same problems with the DC. So here's my report:
I'm on the second day of my period and so far the results are inconclusive. The mooncup is definitely easier to insert than the diva cup (although slightly harder to take out, which seems to contradict everyone else's reports), since it is slightly smaller and pops open much more easily ( i think this has something to do with the thick, stiff rim). As for comfort I'm not really sure yet. I found the diva cup to be extremely comfortable. it was like I wasn't wearing anything at all (of course, it leaked like I wasn't wearing anything at all too!). I never found tampons to be uncomfortable until I tried the diva cup and noticed the difference. I think they were putting pressure somewhere inside me and causing cramps. I got much fewer cramps using the diva cup. Now with the mooncup those cramps are back. I'm not sure if this is because of the mooncup or just because I'm having a particularly annoying period (this may be since I also feel a lot more tired, achy and sicker than usual).  I can't really feel it normally, but if I concentrate enough I can, just like a tampon ( I COULD NOT feel the diva AT ALL no matter how much I concentrated).  I guess that's not too much of a bad thing, and I'll have to wait until next month to see if the cramps go away.
As for leaking, I'm still not sure. Yesterday I got my period  at around 11:30am, put in the mooncup. I noticed a little brownish/red on toilet paper when I went to the bathroom after that, but much less than with the diva. No spotting on my cloth pad (which are also new this month and I am liking very much). At about 8:15pm, however, i had a complete melt down with leaking all over the place. I'm not sure if this is because the cup wasn't working anymore or if it was filled (I've never filled a cup before and I usually have a VERY light period, but as I said, this one seems a lot worse than usual). I'm hoping it was because it was filled. overnight I had no problems, but that's not unusual for me. This morning I emptied it and reinserted and didn't really have any problems all day until I went to the bathroom a few minutes ago. I had no blood on my pad, and I wiped before peeing to see if there was anything there (sorry for the TMI). After that, however, I felt that little annoying bubbling feeling, wiped again and there was blood. i took out the cup and it was only about 2/3 filled. I'm not sure what caused this momentary leaking...maybe I knocked it out of place? Any thoughts?
Anyway, so far I'm staying optimistic about the mooncup uk, but it's not the miracle cure I was hoping for. I'm hoping the problems I'm having this week are just because of an unusually heavy month. I really hope I'll figure this whole thing out soon, since I'll be spending the summer trekking around African jungles bothering primates, and it would be really convenient to not have to carry a bunch of tampons around with me. btw, does anyone have any suggestions of how to deal with a cup in somewhat unsanitary conditions (such as having to pee in a hole at a field site with not much potable water around)?
Sorry for the long post, I just like to share :)
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