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First time!!

So after lurking for a few days and doing lots of research I purchased a DivaCup at the healthfood store yesterday. I did my first insertion with a C fold and had some trouble keeping it from unfolding while I was trying to get it in. Didn't really have as many problems as some of the newbies I've read seem to have, but I don't have any problems putting my fingers anywhere and (some) foreign objects up there. I think I've settled on the punch down fold. Anyhow, I'm allergic to most pads (and shampoo and deoderant and most detergents) so pads gave me nasty rashes and tampons felt like sandpaper. I'm completely loving this cup so far.

I haven't had any leaks since I started using it yesterday and the only issue is the stem irritating a spot down there, but I'm experimenting with how far out I can push it just using my muscles, so maybe I can cut the whole stem off. And I don't see how it can possibly fall out. At any rate, I'm ready to trade in my pads and tampons. My cup is here to stay.

My mom had a grossed out spazz when I told her about it and I've also already got two girlfriends interested. I'm being their guinea pig right now :)
Tags: divacup, first time use, insertion, success stories
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