ladycontent (ladycontent) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Fainting + The Diva Cup

Hey Everyone!

FINALLY my period has arrived, so I get to try out my cup!! (Who knew that I'd be eagerly anticipating a period!!) Anyway, it's a couple of days late, and I woke up this morning with tell tale cramps. I eventually dragged myself out of bed and put the cup it. OOOOH it was bad!! I  nearly fainted about thirty times! (ok, more like ten). I used to faint a lot when I was younger, so I know the signs to look out for... my back gets hot and prickly, my ears start to ring or I can't hear out of them properly (like when you're in an airplane), and everything in my vision starts to go white from the outside in, and once everything is all white, I know I'm just about to go. I had THE WORST cramps EVER, and was between passing out and puking all morning. It was so bad my bf had to leave work to come home and look after me. I'm feeling much better now (yay!) just a little bit weak, but I'm wondering, do you think all of that was from the cup? I have the cup in again now, and I'm feeling fine. It's just odd, because I haven't passed out like that in years!! Putting the cup in again wasn't really an issue, so I'm thinking it's just me. Hmmmph. Who knows!
Tags: first time use

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