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A very weird side effect of the Mooncup

Hi everyone.

I use my Mooncup very irregularly (more on that in a moment). But every time I do have a successful go at it, it makes my cycle - not just the period itself, but the whole cycle - really short! The first time, I went from 32 days to 22 days. The second time, to 19 days. Well, I managed to use it again in the middle of this last November. It made my cycle 13 days.

That is way whacked out and a bit disconcerting, especially since the time between ovulation and flow (luteal phase, I believe it is called) is always 14 days. Always, without fail, I could set my calendar to it. I usually know when I ovulate because I feel it, so that's how I know it's 14 days.

So in order to manage a 13-day cycle, I had to have a dramatically short luteal phase. Since I was suffering the killer cramps from hell on Friday, the phase is likely to have only been 5 days. I also don't think I could stomach the idea of two periods a month on a regular basis. Eeesh!

It is completely and utterly baffling and I wonder if any other ladies have had this happen to them.

*As to why I use it irregularly - it's a vicious cycle. I decide to use the Mooncup after months (or longer) hiatus, it works beautifully and I'm in love again. Then the next cycle when I'm stoked to use it again, it fails to work for me. It just isn't sitting comfortably, now matter what I try to do. So in depressed frustration, I take a long hiatus from it. I wonder if any ladies have had this happen to them too.

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