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The Diva cup helped me sleep through the night (the journey continues...)

As you may remember, my first cycle was on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.  I guess I was having too much fun to pay attention b/c now that I'm at home, I do notice "it" more.  For the first time in YEARS, I was able to sleep through the first 2 nights of my period!  I'm a light sleeper when I have something I have to get up for (plane, road trip, meeting) and when I'm on my period.  I hate leaking onto clothes/sheets, so I'd be up several times in the night with that familiar feeling that I needed to RUN to the bathroom, sometimes not waking successfully in time. :(  With the Diva cup, I've not had that sensation at all and it's so nice being able to rest and not worry about messes in the morning!  The other thing I noticed (possibly TMI), is I spend a lot less time cleaning the bathroom!  The combination of pads/heavy periods always left a mess on the toilet, not to mention having to empty the trash every day.  And the toilet paper is lasting much longer, too!  The "ick factor" is gone for me already when I realize there is SO much LESS mess to deal with!  I still haven't mastered it to where I'd feel comfortable in a public restroom, but this is only my 2nd cycle and I'm very fortunate to be a WAHM, so I don't necessarily *have* to go out.  As I'm mastering it, I'm working on my "out and about" technique, so maybe next time I can go out for the day!  I'm still working on convincing my older 2 that this is the best thing since, I don't know...EVE??? ;)  They're a little weirded out that old Mom is talking about these things, not to mention having grown up with the shadow of my own upbringing, so it's hard.  I'm definitely putting cups on the front burner of the talks with my younger 2.
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