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Pads too warm

Hey, all. I am a happy Diva Cup user. My third cycle with it approaches and I'm almost looking forward to it, especially since I plan to try out some of the alternative folding techniques. The c-fold seems to work fine for me, but I figure it doesn't hurt to try other folds. I also have some Lunapads and it was them that I wanted to ask about.

I had been using disposable pads and pantiliners as backup for my cup, but it seemed odd to me to use disposable products to back up my cup when lessening waste was one reason I chose a menstrual cup in the first place. I bought two mini Luna liners with my cup as backup, but they are so short that they tend to move around--a few times, leaks ended up just behind where they ended. Drat. So I bought some long Luna pads that came with one liner each. I like them a lot. They are so soft and stay in place well due to their larger size. However, I have one problem with them. They are hot! Having all that cloth in my underpants is quite warm and it was a bit uncomfortable. (not anywhere near as bad as the stickiness and itchiness that disposable pads always caused, though) Does anyone else have this problem? Are there any cloth pads that aren't quite so thick and warm? I know I could just go without backup, but I am a bit nervous about it, as it seems I only have leaks when I don't use backup.

Failing that, should I just use the mini liners (they weren't nearly so hot) and pin them to my undies or something?
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