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cup not staying in

okay, bear with me, I'm new at this post stuff.  My other one got lost in cyber space somewhere.

I really envy you gals who say that their cups will not come out.  I'm 5'2", 130 lbs, kids x 4, and own a mooncup size A.  I've tried to use it for two periods now.  Even though I try and try, I simply cannot make that cup stay inside my body.  It's almost as if it will not develop the suction that everyone talks about.  I read about the little gross slurping noises, and how people use jewelery pliars to remove the cups (!) and mine does none of that.  I've tried rotating it, tipping it, removing it and reinserting it, different insertion positions, flexing my muscles to "draw it up" to no avail.  I even tried scrunching my muscles down there to hold it in, (not that I could possibly continue that all day long..I just wanted to see if it helps) but out it comes.  I have no trouble locating my cup because you can see the bottom of it outside me!  During period 1, I had to give it up because I got so sore down there.  Period 2 is here, and I'm ready for round two to show this stupid piece of plastic who's the boss.  Score so far is mooncup-12, mom-0.  I tried it today (day 1) and was in the bathroom about every 45 minutes because it was leaking and "peeking".  The cup was nowhere near full, there was no reason for it to be leaking.  I'd be willing to deal with the leaks if it would just stay up there!  I'm shoving it up there to my last knuckle on my fingers (sorry, tmi, I know) so I know it starts "up there".  I even tried inserting it dry ( ouch) to see if it would get a better grip...nope.  The only time it stays sort-of-in-place is when I'm lying down, and even then it pokes and presses on different parts of me in there, and is mighty uncomfortable.  I get up and then down and out it comes, within minutes.  I wonder sometimes if I sneeze--whether it would just pop out entirely!.  I wonder if a smaller size would be better, but if the large size can't get a grip in there, how in the world is a smaller one going to be able to do it?  Gee whiz, this is teething at its worst!  I'll never be able to convince my teens that this is a good thing at this rate.    :(       Thanks for listening.

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