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Diva Cup User in training!

Hi Everyone!

I'm so happy that I came across this community. Thanks to everyone here, I've decided to purchase a cup. I chose the Diva because it was available at my local health store. I did a dry run (which I've discovered that people have very mixed feelings about), and I'm slightly concerned with my progress.

I was able to put it in without too much of a problem, but could not rotate it. I found that it went pretty high up. I'm not too sure if it sealed or not. My attempts to remove it was met with a lot of resistance. I started to freak out a little bit at one point, imagining myself checking into an emergency room and asking the doctor to yank something out of my southern regions, but I convinced myself to remain calm, knowing the freaking out would make it harder.

I tried to put my fingers along the rim and break the seal, but found it very difficult. I have not trimmed the stem, but found that I hard a hard time getting enough of a grip on it to pull it out. I have long nails, so I had to pinch the ridges of the stem with my nails to get it out (is that harmful to the silicone?). Also, I found it difficult to avoid pinching the sensitive skin down there as I did this. I tried bearing down like everyone has suggested as well. Any suggestions? I'm expecting my period within the next week, so I'm pretty excited to try it out. I was a little discouraged after my dry run, but I think once my period comes along, it'll motivate me to try harder.

Also, with regards to boiling it... If I were to put it straight into the pot, isn't there a risk of the cup touching the surfaces of the pot and getting warped? Should I put it in something first (tea bag strainer?) and then put it in the pot? Or is it perfectly ok sitting in there on it's own?

I am making a conscious attempt to go natural, and green, and this is part of my lifestyle changes. Once again, thank you all very much for all of your information. This site has proved extremely helpful in my decision to use a menstrual cup!

Take care!
Tags: cleaning, cleaning - boiling, dry run, first time use, removal

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