Obsidian (purple_obsidian) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Moonhutnaturals forum

Just to let you ladies who aren't on cloth_pads know that unfortunately Randee has decided to close her Moonhutnaturals website and forum.

Which also means that the reviews section has closed too. We were organising for me to take the backed up files and try to resurrect it, however the files are 2 years old, and might not even be the actual reviews (just the actual forum code)....So I'm in the process of creating a substitute. http://clothpadreviews.makeforum.org (I called it clothpadreviews without thinking that its got other stuff on there too, but nevermind). So the menstrual cup reviews are ready and waiting to be done again. Insteads and Sponges are in the "other" section. Cloth pads are taking a while to list, but I'll get them all done soon.
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