purerose313 (purerose313) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Cannot insert Diva Cup

This was a terrible day. I just bought a size 1 Diva Cup and it arrived today. I have been watching this community and have read that it's a good idea to do a dry run before things get messy at that time of the month.
I locked myself in my bathroom this morning and read the instructions carefully. It looked pretty simple. First I tried the C fold sitting on the toilet, then standing up. Neither worked; I could not insert the cup. I then tried all the folding techniques I could find on the internet (origami, punch down, seven, labia)and twisted myself into some pretty wacky positions. I also tried water and some KY I swiped from my parents (ewww). Nothing has worked!
I am 16 years old and a virgin. Could this be the problem? Do I just need to shove it in there and hope it works? I want to keep (the rest of) my hymen intact for personal reasons. I tore part of it today while attempting this and bled all over.
I don't think it's the cup; I think it's me.
Has anybody had this problem? Right now I'm at a loss.

Thanks for your help!!! I asked my boyfriend/fiancee once he works up the nerve and he'd rather I wait until after we're married for me to use the cup. Hopefully I'll be married in 2 years and can have the freedom everybody has talked about

well, yall have given me plenty to think about. I really didn't mean to make my bf sound like a jerk. he respects my decision and agrees i can do whatever i want. he just doesn't want me to do it if it hurts like hell. i wil try it on my period and see what happens. thanks!
Tags: dry run, insertion - painful or problems, virginity
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