monica (aquilolumen) wrote in menstrual_cups,

the verdict on cleaning (for smells and stains)?

so i read a lot of posts about cleaning solutions for the diva cup, and there seems to be a bit of controversy. from what i gathered,

- boiling is not recommended by the diva cup company; a lot of people do it, though it's not absolutely necessary.*
- hydrogen peroxide is effective for getting rid of stains and smells, but will it harm the silicone?
- rubbing alcohol won't harm the silicone, but does it get rid of stains and smells?

i'm living in a college dorm, so i'd rather not boil it if i have to. hydrogen peroxide vs isopropyl alcohol? is there better 'cure-all' solution for this thing?

thanks in advance!

*edit: apparently, boiling is recommended by the diva cup company. o.O one of the posts i read mentioned that it wasn't.
Tags: cleaning, cleaning - smells, cleaning - stains

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