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Divacup - I think it may be love.

After cups came up in another forum, I pretty much decided to buy one. Finding this page convinced me completely. I went with the Diva since that was all Earthfare carries and Earthfare is the only store in town that does cups at all. Anyway, I did a couple of dry runs to practice inserting and removal (I'm still trying to get the origami fold down). For the first time in my entire life I've been looking forward to my period and not because of 'we had sex and I forgot to take the pill that day'.

So, I'm on day one and no leaking, but then I never need more than a liner on day one anyway. Tomorrow and Friday will be the real tests, but so far I love it! I've always found pads uncomfortable/itchy, even ultra-thins and tampons. . .let's just say it felt like I had a stick stuffed up somewhere in the vicinity of my liver and after half an hour my entire pelvic area was sore.

Not so with the Diva. I did notice that it doesn't want to seem to go up as far as it did last week, but I'm not about to force it. It's pretty much just inside with the stem (untrimmed as yet) sticking out, so there's definitely a feeling of 'something there', but not in a painful way. I'll probably trim it off after we to know each other better in a few cycles. 

I'm already pimping cups to my friends and wishing there had been a pamphlet about them along with the tampax/ob/always/kotex samples in that brown box I got when I was 12.

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