piano_goddess (piano_goddess) wrote in menstrual_cups,

8 Months - My 2 cents

8 months ago a bought the larger sized Lunette (although I'm in the under 18/virgin category).  My periods are horribly irregular, and varies greatly each cycle.  I cut off the whole stem, and is very comfortable.  It took a couple weeks to fully figure out insertion/taking out.

However, I switch between my Lunette and tampons.  I prefer tampons when my period is horribly heavy.  My Lunette leaks, and is messy to remove.  At my heaviest, it will fill up in about 5 hours (3 hours longer than a tampon) .  But with lighter periods I use the menstrual cup.  It eliminates the need to carry around supplies, and I only have to clean it when I wake up and before I sleep.

Overall, I'm very happy with my Lunette, even if it isn't a cure-all.
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