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A few questions from an Aussie

I've been reading through this community and am seriously considering buying some type of cup. From what I've read they all have good and bad depending on the user but is there any particular advice you can give me on which to buy? Some stuff about me:
I am a 22 year old virgin living in Australia. I currently use a combination of pads and tampons but i hate the expense and waste of it all. I bleed rather heavily in my first few days so I'm slightly worried about leakage. I also don't want my overly inquisitive housemates to realise what i'm buying.

-Does it matter at all if you are a virgin?
-Does it hurt at first? and if so, do you get used to it or does it always hurt a bit?
-Do you need to use lube when using a cup?
-Why aren't they available in Australian shops?
-Any particular reasons why i should choose one brand over another?
-Do any have nicely discreet packaging?
-Is it going to prevent leakage better than tampons?
-I've seen questions about them getting stuck (and read advice about squatting, bearing down etc), is there any way they can become stuck bad enough that you need a hospital or will you be alright if you follow this advice?
-Having never ordered much online, how long should it take to arrive after ordering?

I'd never heard of these things until a few days ago but having spent about an hour reading through this community they look interesting. I would greatly apreciate any advice you can give me!
Tags: virginity
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