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Capacity v. Tampons & Seal Formation

I first used the UK Mooncup (size B) this past week. My periods are (I thought) quite light, and only have one or two days of significant flow in the middle.

So the cup was fine the first day I tried it (a few days into my period) so the second day I went without backup protection, being quite pleased with it's performance so far. But I got a nasty surprise only four hours later when it overflowed (at my boyfriend's parent's house no less)! I thanked my lucky stars the chair was unscathed...

Now what's puzzling me is this. A mini Tampax tampon (absorbency 6-9g) is just right for me overnight on my heaviest flows (in for 8 hours or more, too). The cup holds about 13-15ml when full. I don't know what the tampon absorbency is in millilitres, but I thought the cup claimed to need emptying much less often than a tampon or pad needs changed because it could hold more. I would also never have to change a pad in only four hours (unless I don't change them often enough?). Or maybe I bled more because of the cup? I don't know.

Has anyone else had a similar capacity issue that doesn't tie in with expected values?

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One other brief question - when it pops open and the seal forms, it's not a very pleasant feeling - almost a little sore, from suction on the womb I think. I'm nervous of this, having a coil in (IUD). Does anyone else find the seal forming unpleasant?
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