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I was using the restroom in my college's student center, sitting on the toilet and looking at the little tin can with the female symbol on it. Suddenly an idea popped into my head-- what if we could advertise for the cup by putting stickers in bathroom stalls, specifically on those tin trash cans?

OK, maybe not necessarily stickers-- not sure how people feel about giving maintanance workers a hard time scraping off stickers.... but, at least labels that could be taped on. (thoughts for/against stickers?)

I came up with this. I checked the activism section of to see if there was anything like this already, but there were just brochures and tear-off fliers (still great things, but just are used differently....).

Any thoughts? Has anyone already designed labels like this? If so, I wanna see them! Also, what do you think of these ones? (credit IS due to whomever designed the tear-off flier, since I based these off that design.)

Also, while I'm on the subject... anymore thoughts or ideas or experiences with campaigning for the cup in general?
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