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Obscure Questions: Petroleum Jelly, Splooge, and Microwaves

I started using Instead when I changed to bc pills that give me rather light periods--light enough that tampons are painful to remove (even regular ones for eight hours) but heavy enough I need something... and I hate pads. It took me a few months to get the hang of Instead, and when I did... I decided to change to a Diva Cup. (One-time purchase and good for the environment? Woot.)

Anyway, I haven't quite yet gotten the hang of putting it in and taking it out (origami fold seems to work best, but it pops open before I get it high enough and I can't figure out how to scoot it up once it's open), and I've ended up a little... irritated. (In more ways than one!) I used petroleum jelly on my irritated skin, but I'm worried about hurting my cup. I know oil-based creams are damaging to rubber like the Keeper, but will my DivaCup be okay if it gets petroleum jelly on it?

I know the Diva Cup can't be worn during sex (and I never quite figured out how the Instead work with sex. Unless I had it in totally wrong, which I don't think at the end at least since it never leaked or slipped or anything, it just seems it would get in the way and be painful for my boy.), but what about right after sex (without a condom)? It just weirds me out a little to think of it catching all the semen and holding it inside of me. It always seemed to me that I got more irritated if I but in tampon in after sex, though I suppose this could have had something to do with the tampons drying me out. Anyone experience more irritation wearing the DivaCup right after sex?

And my final question sounds really silly, but... Are DivaCups microwave safe? Not just to put in alone, but inside a cup/bowl of water to boil. I'm in college, and not only do not have a pan to dedicate to boiling my cup, but also use a communal kitchen, which I imagine will result in:

Cute guy from #17: Hey, there. Making something tasty?
Me: Uh... not really.
Cute guy: Sure you are. It smell great. Can I try some? (Reaches for pan lid)
Me: No... uh... I'd prefer you didn't do th--
Cute guy: (drops pan lid and backs away with look of horror and disgust and runs away upstairs)

To avoid such a senario, I would like to boil it in a mug or something in my microwave. Anyone else do this or know if it's safe for the cup?

Tags: chafing/irritation, cleaning, divacup, sexual activity
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