dls77 (dls77) wrote in menstrual_cups,

How to get it out?!!!! Help.

 I just bought the Diva Cup, model 2 today.  And after being really gung-ho and having thought myself informed, I proceeded to try it out.  well, I got it in on the first try, but I think it's up too far.  Because so many people said the tip irritated them, I pushed it up more.  i can reach it, but it really hurts.  i feel like I'm going to cut myself.  I don't even know if it's fully opened or not.  Everytime I try to remove it, I feel like my nail is getting caught on my really soft, sensitive tissue.  I told myself to calm down, and give it a rest... writing this question is during this "relaxation period."  I'm nervous about waiting unitl the monring to try to get it out agian, b/c I don't want to be late for work and/or in pain.  Any advice?  

With the fear of being taken to the emergency room by my fiance' who did not want to navigate the trail to get it out for me, I resolved that i was not going to the hospital at midnight with a foreign object in my yinyang.  So, i put some lube on my fingers, took some deep breaths and went for it.  I really had put it in way too far/deep/high.  I finally got a grip, then follwed the "bear down" advice"and got it to come out.  i almost tried again, but figured I had done enough for one night.  This is the end of my cycle anyway, so I'll try again next month....but I will be more careful next time.
Tags: first time use, removal - painful or problems
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