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Hope at last?

Howdy! New here (But I'm sure you could tell)

I've been reading up on cups for months but have only recently decided to make the switch. I do have some concerns though. Please forgive me if this is in the memories, my dinosaur computer really limited what I could see (Being replaced in a few days thank goodness.)

I do apologize if this is too much for you to stand reading.

I have really, really heavy periods and they've always been irregular. I'm 18, if that matters and I used to go through about 12-15 "regular" tampons in a school day. Then I made the switch to only wearing "super" ones and I still go through a high amount. I always wear a back-up pad and some still manages to get on whatever pants I'm wearing. So, needless to say - I'm fed up. I'm sick of struggling with the super tampons and sick of having to wash out stains or taking too many breaks at work to see if I'm still okay.

So, I guess I'm looking to find out if a cup would work better for me? I know everyone is different, I'm concerned about my heavy flow. When it starts, it's light in the morning and heavy by noon and mine can go anywhere from 3 months with maybe a few two day breaks or they can be 3 days. (My doctor and I are working on figuring it out currently, but it's been this way since I started, I'm used to it.) I also have rather large "clots" with my heavy flow. I'm worried about investing in one and having it get full just as fast as a tampon/pad would. With work and full time college, I don't think I could find the time to take just as many breaks and go through the relaxing and cleaning. I'm hoping I would have to tend to it less often.

Any input? =) Thank you very much.

By the way, I'm drawn to the Mooncup UK, so I'd like to try it first.
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