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I woke up this morning and my body was telling me the time is about to come. I was sad because my Diva hadn't arrived yet, but then I checked the mail and there it was!!! I got all excited, but I figured I wouldn't be able to use it today since I usually have a day or so warning, but sure enough a couple hours later, it started.

So, I went and got my new diva, and got ready to go. I picked the labial fold since it looks like it's definitely the smallest, and I made several attempts... each one was more successful than the previous one, but I never managed to get it in. The last try was almost successful... I had it about half way in there, but my hand was just soooo tired, I felt like I had to take it out. The Diva seems to pop open extremely easily, and I'd just barely gotten part of it past my hymen. I was scared if I let go with it being right there, it would totally tear my hymen apart. =(

I tried to make another attempt, but my hand was so tired the muscles refused to obey me, and I'm not coordinated enough to do it with my other hand, so I was forced to give up, and now my hand is sore, and the opening to my vagina is sore. =(

Is there any trick to being able to hang onto a cup and keep it folded? (Though I'm sure with experience everyone's hand muscles grow stronger.) And, how much of a danger does this pose to my hymen? Am I going to be able to get the cup in and back out again without tearing it?

Edit: Victory!!! ^o^
Thanks for the comments!

...but now I have a new question (may be TMI). I finally got it in there, and I didn't think it had popped, and I could *not* rotate it at all! (Still can't.) So, I felt around in there.... I was able to slowly take my finger around the outer edge of the cup, and it seems like it must've popped somehow without me noticing. But... I've never really checked things out in there before now, and... is it *normal* for it to feel smooth all the way around, except that in the front it's all squishy and very oddly textured? o_o;;;
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