Myrrhmade (myrrhmade) wrote in menstrual_cups,

What the Heck am I Doing Wrong?

Hi Everyone!
New Member and new to the Diva Cup. I'm 40 and even though I'm a big gal, I've never had a baby, so the instructions said to order the bigger size. I did so. I've been waiting to try out my Diva and LO! The time is upon me, lol. It has not been smooth sailing. I've read through the memories and I'm seeing this is far from abnormal, here's my question. One of my latest mishaps was that the cup somehow got suctioned onto/into me so tightly, it almost wouldn't come out. I thought for a minute I'd have to poke a hole in the bottom to get it to release or something, I was really freaked out. I repeatedly followed the directions of squeezing the bottom (little nipple area) to get it to release... nada. I slipped my finger along side it and tried to "jimmy" it down (lol)... bupkiss. I yanked and tugged for 10 minutes. Finally it came out, but I swear, it hurt so much, It felt like I dragged my uterus out with it. Uh... I seriously DO NOT want to go through that again. Have a tampon in right now, as a matter of fact. Do you fine ladies have any ideas? Wisdom? Suggestions for me? Er... o_D
Tags: removal - painful or problems
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