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Not so dry run & some funnies!

My lovely Lunette made its way from Finland to Australia in less than a week. The lollies/candy that came with it were pretty squished though!
My friends have re-named it the "Miracle Mug" & are waiting to hear of my experience with it before they convert!

Anyway, onto my question . . .

I had no problems with a dry run insertion or removal (many thanks to this community), however, when I removed the cup it had blood in it. This was surprising because my period was not due. I wondered if I had suctioned the blood out prematurely because the suction on that puppy was more like a Hoover that had been turned on to turbo! It was loud too!
Other thoughts were that I had scraped my cervix, but I had absolutely no pain on insertion or removal, just the MEGA suction & frank blood in the very bottom of the cup.
The cup was in for about 5 mins at the most & there was no more blood until my period started 3 days later.
Any thoughts?

Oh, and a few funny things I've already experienced . . .

I must have been a bit apprehensive about inserting it because I had the funniest dream about it! I dreamed I was on the top of a very narrow triple bunk bed, right near the ceiling, trying to insert the cup for the first time! I nearly fell off the bunk in my attempts to get it right, but finally did. I woke up laughing! Wow, a dream analyst could go to town on that!!

And . . .here I was experimenting with the "Miracle Mug" in the wee hours of the morning, thinking I would have no disturbances, when in walks my bleary eyed 6 yr old while I'm squatting down on the floor trying to fish it out! She gave me a strange look, turned around & went back to bed!

Finally . . . the first time I wore my "Miracle Mug" out was to a girls night out at a Turkish Restaurant. The belly dancer picked people to dance with her & of course, she picked me. So here I am, trying to do these belly dancing moves when the stem of the cup starts attacking me! Needless to say my belly dancing got a bit more spectacular as I tried to adjust the cup by doing some quick kegals & pelvic thrusts to correct the problem!! I've since cut the entire stem off!

Who knew a menstrual cup could be so fun?!
Thanks for 'listening'. Sorry for the long post :}
Tags: dry run, lunette, stem length/trimming
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